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Ramadhan.... and struggling


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i am struggling and feel trapped...
I went to the chemist about 2 weeks ago and start Lipotrim.
Firstly i HATED the taste of the shakes and i had tried them hot and cold and with ice but nothing seems to take the yank taste away... for about 4-5 days all i had was 1 shake and loads of water.. so i gave up:break_diet:

I did lose about 9lb through healthy eating, lipotrim and exercise.:)

Now i dont know what to do because i want to stick to something that will work and i can do...

I wanted to know how ketosis works? what food are allowed and wouldnt interfere with ketosis?

As i have been told its protein and no carbs...

Is this right?

Please help
to top it all i should be getting married at the end of this year and need to lose my weight... i am currently 19st.:eek:.. was 19st 9lb.. but i have started to slack and really don't want to and don't have to...

Also i have a month of fasting coming up which will mean starving all day and then stuffing my face lol.. i would like to be in a routine before i started fasting

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Lipotrim really isn't suited to everyone, so don't feel bad. As you are interested in a ketosis based diet, why don't you try Atkins or maybe Dukan?

Good Luck
Clair x


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Yep i wouldnt mind trying something like that... Do you know how it works

Lipotrim defo wasnt for me... couldnt even handle the shakes
I did Atkins around 6 years ago, but I'm unsure now exactly what you do. Why don't you take a look on the Atkins board, and maybe ask them for advice etc?

Clair x


Back to reality!
I am Muslim too but can't fast anymore I have 4 different types of anemia. Before I was ill and used to fast I always lose weight during Ramadan anyway! Sorry you didn't find lipotrim worked for you. As others have suggested maybe atkins might be better for you or something like weight watchers ( but you probably won't lose weight as fast ).
Good luck with whatever you chose.
T x
Salaam girls, Im muslim too :) I'd definetely check out the Atkins forum for help and invest in the book. Lipotrim isnt the easiest diet but it does get easier. With regards to ramadhan, you should google islam and dieting during ramadhan. Its all about the self control that we ALL lack once Iftar hits! I will be off lipotrim by then so am planning to stick to low carb high protein foods until Eid x
I would suggest you spend some time watching the lipotrim video. It explains ketosis well. Welcome to the Lipotrim Website
it is on the lower right hanside of the page. Ketosis can be achieved though very low calory diets like lighterlife, lipotrim and many others (not recommended during ramadan as you need to have your shakes/soups/bars regularly throughout the day and drink plenty of water throughout) or through restricting your carb intake (atkins, go-lower and a few others). whatever you choose, you need to research it and make sure it fits with your lifestyle and/or you can stick with it! As you are practicing muslim I guess pre-packaged food (e.g go-lower) wouldn't be suitable as they are not halal, so as others have said, atkins might ne the better bet. However, whatever ketogenic diet you choose, one of the issue with any ketogenic diets is that you need to drink plenty of water through the day so i would suggest you stop during ramadan and get back to it afterwards.
Good luck!

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