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Rambling Rose's diary & notes

Great site for tips & ideas, i don't get much time to read through many but what i have read is really good:)

Thought i would jot down my daily meals & see how that affects what i weigh & help me remember what to buy in future!


Breakfast - Branflakes with nuts on top/orange juice

Lunch - 3 small slices of 100% wholemeal bread with scraping of flora & light spreading of honey/nectarine

Dinner - Jacket potato with slice of cheese, 3 bread sticks & 2 crackers with small piece of cheese inside/papaya with small amount of evaporated milk

Snack - 4 soft apricots pieces
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I'm looking for a healthy breakfast cereal similar to bran flakes but not All Bran (which just doesn't suit me) but something with that malty taste, any ideas?
If I ever want anything different I go to Tesco or sainsburys grocery site and take a look.
Good idea! I never thought of that:D Thanks, i will take a look ..

Brekfast - Bran flakes with nuts & papaya & pineapple on top

Lunch - 3 slices of Allinsons wholemeal bread, scraping of Flora & small portion of tuna/ chopped apple with dried fruit

Dinner - WW Chicken casserole with extra roast potatoes & veg/WW strawberry yoghurt

Snacks - 3 dried apricot pieces, 3 pontefract cakes

Breakfast - Bran Flakes with nuts/dried fruits

Lunch - (packed lunch) on a walk - 2 slices Wholemeal bread, scraping of flora, teaspoon of honey/8 grapes, 2 dried apricots/peanut tracker bar

Dinner - Cod chunk, potatoes, mixed veg, small amount of parsley sauce/ 3 slices of tinned mango with spoonful of evaporated milk

Snacks - none

I have either not eaten enough today or else my body is realising its not having what it used to have & complaining:D as i have had really bad headaches ..

Bran flakes with nuts & dried fruits

3 small slices of wholemeal bread with scraping of flora & honey

Jacket potato with cheese & ham
3 slices of tinned mango with pot of hartleys no fat jelly

1 pink & white
also try weetabix theyre yummy! :) xxx
Yes, bought some for hubby so will try them with some dried fruits on top as i don't have sugar, thanks!
ooh do try them they are goood and filling too :) , i especially like raspberries with weetabix and sweetener in the mornings, ooh ill have to have that tomoro now im thinking about it! xxx
I am tracking on 'Myfitnesspal' now, but still try to keep up with the posts on here.

Going to invest in a new pair of kitchen scales as mine are old lbs & oz & everything is in grammes now, didn't realise i have had them so long!
lol im on my fitness pal too its so much easier isnt it, but still track things on here too xx
I'm a carer to my Dad & he has had 'bad days' since Saturday:( so, i have been running around after him everyday apart from Sunday..

Doctors home visit will be arranged today, i think ..

On the healthy eating front, all is well. I did hurt my knee (jumping jacks):mad:! However, that is now much better & i am hoping it is fully recovered by this Sunday as i am doing an 8 mile sponsored walk! Lots of pasta needed on Saturday for tea for an energy burst to keep me going:D Looking forward to it though!
My knee is painful again:( as i haven't been able to rest it .. i am worried now that if it is not better by Sunday, if i do this walk (which i really want to do) if i will damage it further ..
Its a bit better again, don't have to go anywhere tomorrow so can rest up for my walk on Sunday:)
No, got up in the middle of the night & every step down the stairs hurt my knee so an 8 mile walk was not a good idea:mad:

Resting it is the only answer ..

Oh, well .. there is a 6 mile moonlight walk on July 15th which i will aim to be fit for.

Struggling now, for the first time, i am having to stick to my calorie limit & not top it up with exercise back calories:cry: I'm finding i feel tired & hungry.
aww hun hope ur feeling better soon :) i know what u mean about the cals situation- i get 1200 a day and i always want to go out more so i have exercise calories to eat! lol xx
After another horrendous week of my Dad not being well & having to help him everyday, I have called the doctor in (home visit today) to let him make any decisions or suggestions

, i have done all i can to get him hydrated & bring back his appetite. He drank nearly a litre of water on Weds which was brilliant, but back to nearly nothing yesterday .. he seems to be giving up on life:cry: but, i won't let him!!

My knee is now very much improved & therefore, i am starting my exercise again:D (Missed it)!
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sorry to hear your dad is feeling poorly. is he bed bound or are getting him up in the morning so he can potter about a bit? i feel for you. i cared for my dad for a couple of years through successive strokes and each time it got harder. i hope he's feeling more himself soon. hows your diet coming along?
Hi, thanks for your reply:) He's 80 & suffers with bad arthritis in his feet & hands. He is just getting over a bout of Gout too, which has been very painful for him. Most of the time, he can get around his flat ok & on his good days, i can take him to the supermarkets & he loves that!

I didn't go over to him the weekend before last & i don't know what happened but i think he just 'lost' the days, although i rang him & he sounded ok, i don't think he ate, drank or anything. On the Monday when i saw him, he looked awful & I realised he had missed two days of his tablets (& he takes around 15 a day)! So, that really upset his body balance & that's why he was so bad last week.

However, i think he is almost back to normal now, thank goodness .. I persuaded him to let me cook for him at lunchtime yesterday & he ate well .. today, i am at home, catching up!

It helps to write it down here .. then forget about it, if you see what i mean .. but it is hard, luckily he has a bright mind still, its just his body lets him down, but .. i try to keep him occupied & not let him dwell on things. He will have good & bad days ..

My dieting is going well, thanks .. i was just looking at 'goals' for myself! Would be good to have something to aim for..

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