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Ramblings from a re-starter:

I just posted this on another board, but I thought I'd post it here too:

Well, I knew I only had to do SS for a month or so to get back to the 25/26 BMI range, and now that AAM is in sight (next week) I can really see a difference, and other people have commented on my weightloss too! It's so motivating! I'm thinking that after AAM next week I can then work my way through the maintenance steps.

I'm a little wary of adding food back in, but I'm hoping as I'm so much more determined and aware of my food issues (I had help with this, and I highly recommend seeing a counsellor if you fear that you have emotional food issues too, it's been really beneficial!), that I'll be far more confident and stick with the steps as they were written down!

I'm now in between a size 12/14, which is good, as I was a very big size 14 when I started (probably a 16, but I didn't want to admit to it!). I haven't seen my CDC this week as I am away on business, so I won't update my ticker till next Wednesday... Probably once I've done the whole adding food back in maintenance bit I'll have gone down to a small/comfortable size 12, which on my height and frame will look good.

You may think that there's no point to this post, but there is:
I lost 4 stone on CD first time around in 4 months (2 years ago). I strayed from the maintenance programme regularly and in the end I was more or less doing my own programme... How did this work for me???? Well.... I'm back here, gained 2 stone, so it didn't!!!! Please, if you get to your goal, be good to yourself and follow maintenance to the letter. It's not for nothing that CD doesn't only consist of SS! The programme has been proven to work, IF you do it correctly! Trust me, I know from experience that the other way (read: eating whatever you want because you got to goal weight) does not work!

Also, I highly recommend some form of exercise if you can manage it: not only does it help shape your body nicely, but it also gives you tons of energy and helps keep those pesky pounds away! Thankfully I've exercised regularly for the last two years, because if I hadn't I probably would have had to re-lose the four stone I lost previously!

Anyway, enough rambling, I thought I'd just post this to get it off my chest!

Thanks for listening/reading! :eek:
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Fab post Chloe, and I can totally relate to where you are coming from, Im 10lbs above my goal weight, (ignore my ticker!!!) and its been a slog, Ive started 790 (again!) and am on day 2, I lost 68lbs on SS and have been messing around with the stages ever since, that was last year, this time Im on it till the end!

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