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Ramblings of a crabby red head


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Hi All,

I just feel like making a post and figured I'd share with you all :). I've been on-and-off cambridge since this last December and really have not been able to commit to a diet plan for various reasons, mostly due to my own lack of desire to do anything about my health as it is. However I will say that since starting CD, I've learned a lot about who I am and my associations with food and how much I need to change my lifestyle. I've realized that the heavier I am, the sicker I get. I always seem to have the flu or a cold or something and that really seems to get better the less I weigh. I've just started reading "Eating Less" and my suspicion about having a bit of an addiction to certain types of food is starting to appear as more than a crazy idea and more of a reality. I think the outlook that book will help me get to will help me to reaffirm the need for a change. Moreover I'm now so busy and crazy at work that I do not have the ability to be anything but 100% and I really don't think I can be 100% while being unhealthy. I really want to get to a point where I'm healthy and strong mentally, physically and emotionally and I don't believe I can get there until I commit to a plan and stick to it.

I started back on SS+ this last Monday and so far I've been doing well. I think the updated outlook on why I'm doing this is going to help but I have decided that this will be my last 'restart'. If I am not somewhat successfully at the cambridge shakes this time around, then it may just not be the right diet for me. Either way, I'm confident that I will get to a healthier me - whenever that may be.

I do have to say I wish I had a counselor in the states. My doctor is great with general health stuff and giving her blessing with the diet, but she's not very supportive from an emotional standpoint. She really can't relate as she's always been at a very healthy weight and seemingly eats whatever she wants. Its a challenge taking weight management from someone who can eat a plate full of nachos and drink down a pint of beer and not gain an ounce.

So here's to my last try. I sure hope I'm successful, but either way - I'm giving it my best shot! Wish me luck :)
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Best of luck. xxx

I really admire you for doing the plan without having a consultant at hand. I know for me that it really helps seeing mine once a week.



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Well done for getting back on it, and treat this forum as a counsellor, there's plenty of support for you here :)

I know what you mean about being ill though, since I put on weight I was getting colds and flu a lot more than I used, and since I've started the diet (touch wood) I've not felt ill, I feel great and healthy due to the water and vitamens and nutrients I am now getting every day.

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