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Rancid powdered CD?

Are you keeping it in a fridge? and can you try tetras or bars as a solution until you can have the mix-a-mousse? I used to make mousses to take to work (I know there is a time rule there too but I work in a strange place and the mousses suited me better) - They tend to 'hold' better if kept in the fridge


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As you said, they're not meant to be made in advance. The way they're made up, the minerals and vitamins start to deteriorate after 15 minutes, so the drink straight away thing is there for that reason. Also they'll start to separate. The slim fast will stay drinkable because that's how it's designed. It's not design as a mix and then drink kind of shake. But it also doesn't have the minerals and vitamins that CD shakes do. If mixing them at work is difficult, you can get a shaker which is easy and quick to use, add the water, add the powder and shake for about 60 seconds. I use that if I'm out, at uni, travelling etc. I'm like Leah, I can't stand the tetras, they make me feel ill, so is the only option for me. Hope you find the best option for you.

well I got the tetras............and drank one on the bus home ( I mean I tried to drink it)

It was a miracle I did not throw up

oh my God they taste vileeeeeeeeeeee.Too too awful for words.

I thought I was going to get the Cambridge version of slimfast.:mad:

I should have tasted one before hand.

And I now I am stuck with a full 7 days supply :eek:.

I did get some mix a mouse, and I can put the powdered mix somewhere cool and that is the plan for the next supply....

( when I drank the tetra I thought 'this is so non-taste friendly' its reminds me of the posts I read regarding the taste of lighter life).

Ah well, life happens, and thanks for the tips folks .

you can get a shaker which is easy and quick to use, add the water, add the powder and shake for about 60 seconds. I use that if I'm out, at uni, travelling etc.
Ok , Caroline, that is an idea, an ordinary sports shaker, I just don't want the whisk thing and I am not opening up packs around folks, who ask way too many questions.

could you not do SS+ and that way when you are at work you could just take in chicken or tuna or cottage cheese and salad, that way if you dont want people asking you about CD then you could just tell them you are eating healthy lunches. then you can just stick to your shakes etc when at home


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Which flavour tetra was it?

I think the chocolate one tastes best. I'll eat the strawberry one at a pinch (but don't really enjoy it) and I have the banana one for breakfast.

I take it you drank it at room temperature? They're a lot better chilled from the fridge. :D

Maybe having a chicken salad for work might work for you but having read your diary this morning, I appreciate that you might not want the extra calories. As I understand it, you're aiming to do your own version of a VLCD and using Cambridge products as a means of keeping calories low, rather than following Cambridge rigidly - have I read that right?

Anyway - yes, definitely invest in a shaker. Though in my opinion, all the shakes are better if you blend them with ice - thickens them up nicely and makes them a lot more tolerable.

But if all you've got available is the shaker, it'd certainly help to use the coldest water you can get - maybe buy a bottle of chilled water to use?


Slimming down the aisle
Warm? Well that might have been part of the issue! Have you tried keeping them in the fridge? They're a lot better cold, warm isn't so great.
I have to say when they launched the strawberry tetra (it's the newest flavour of the three), it came as a HUGE disappointment. :sigh: It's not particularly lovely, warm or cold. :D
In the end I could not struggle through with the tetras and took them back. I did find one at the back of the fridge which escaped the purge. Its true, that the ice cold tetra its somewhat drinkable,but only just.

All I know is that there is something in the mix that is off and I suspect its whatever 'oil type' concoction the mixture is suspended in. The name 'silk' is hilarious. It reminded me of some of the meal replacements I drank abroad. Some are so oily, its incredible anyone buys them..they are also called things like french vanilla flavour silk.

However I also think that my tastebuds are more sensitive and the oily after taste of the tetra while noticable to me might not be to others.

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