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Rant :D

I just thought i'd use this opportunity for a rant :D
I'm on day 5, and can honestly say that right now i'm absolutly starving!
I only had 2 shakes today as one was ruined when i spilled the pepper into it in work and I had to throw it away :( People in work walked in on me pouring out my shake/ soup throughout the day, and questioned me about it, so one person thinks its a vitamin drink and the other things the hospital gave me it cos im on a fast for my various tests lol they then continued to ask wat tests and first thing that popped into to my mind was my joints :S so im fasting for a joint test :S (im such a bad liar!)
When i got home from work i was so hungry, i kept myself away at dinner time but when i came downstairs and went into the kitchen for some water my brothers dinner was sitting there staring at me.. i lifted some to eat it, it got to my mouth but i didnt eat it.. i knew i would have felt so let down by myself.
Also tonight i had one of those reassuring type moments.. i went out to a talk thing that was held in a leisure centre near me, i haven't been there since i was a kid, during the talk i went out to the bathroom which was in the swimming changing room and all my memories came rushing back! I used to go there when i was in primary/ early secondary school on class swimming lessons, and i went into the same toilet cubicle i used to get changed in, (it didnt have changing cubicles) and i realised that i used to hide out in there cos i didnt want any1 to see my body, and that was about 10years ago and i still feel the same, so im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad i'm finally doing something about it!
i felt empowered lol.

anyways.. day was ok.. but these hunger pains r awful!
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good for you for resisting temptation, have a hot drink and it might just take the hunger away. you do sound very positive so you can beat these urges. good luck


Says it as it is!!!
Aww hunni.. you survived tho...maybe next week get some spares shakes just incase.... i have 2 days extra in case i cant get to the chemist, as i work shifts! keep em in the car or handbags for emergencies!!!
Isnt it funny, what places can bring back memories from such a long time ago.... like you say .. you are now facing your past fears!!! onwards and downwards babe...use the empowerment to get you through the bad times xx x x x x lots of water and bed for you hun xx
something quite romantic about that story, memories can trigger all sorts of feelings cant they.


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Well done for staying strong, keep going, and definitely get in some spare packs! xx


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keep strong, it will be worth it in the end xx
Well done for resisting the temptation. It is hard but well worth it.

My WI is on a Monday and as I sometimes get called into work I have extra packs just in case. It's just one less thing to worry about.


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