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Rant (hoping for a little reassurance)


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Hi all!
I used to use this site on the Cambridge Diet and Exante forum but have recently switched to low carb.
Anyways it's been going fairly well, first week I lost 4lbs second week I stayed the same (fine by me it wasn't a gain lol!) last week I was good all week then ha a blow out at the weekend. Shouldn't have (it wa my boyfriend birthday) and it was mainly alcohol I still managed low carb food. I had been to the gym 4 times last week as i have been the last 3 weeks and thought this might help counteract it but I've put on 5lbs! I feel so awful that part of me just wants to give up!! I'm not going to and got straight back to it yesterday but I just feel sooooo low right now. It just seems I'll do so well and then blow it with something stupid! I usually have so much dedication and willpower but when it goes it goes in a big way!

Any advice at all to help me keep at it would be greatly appreciated! I'm really enjoying the low carb eating and seeing this as a permanent change just stricter while I'm trying to lose weight (3 stone). I just get so down about it :(
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get back on track, avoid alcohol for a while + i'm sure you'll see results, this way of eating isn't a quick fix and you're not in a race to lose weight, you'll be vastly improving your health which is most important, not matter if it takes a little longer.

You may want to have a browse of the atkins forum, it's more active, with lots of people following low carb plans :)


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Thanks MightyMonocle! Will check out the Atkins forum. Just been to the gym and feeling pretty darn good and all back on track with meal plans set for the next 3 days so here we go :) x


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It may be at least partly water weight. And you can't feel guilty for having a life! It's life! Parties, Christmas, feeling down and having ice-cream- these are what all people do. Don't worry about it. I had sugar in my coffee last night (because it was REALLY strong, and the restaurant didn't have sweetener). This morning I'm right back on track and haven't given it a second thought. Forgive yourself for having a life! :D


This is for life
Have a look at the sticky on the atkins forum about cheating. Unfortunately if you do so the water weight will pile back on. Alcohol unfortunately not a good thing! Get lots of water down you and should get back to steady losses


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Thanks for all the support guys. I have been lurking on the atkins forum and there's some great stuff on there. Anyways, i've been right back to it and have been to the gym 3 days in a row (good bless work for having one i can use on my lunch break!) had a sneaky look at the scales this morning and they are shifting the right way again yay! My mum was brilliant (as always lol) and said that a slip may show on the scales but a permanent change of habit will prove to be the stronger force in the long term. So i'm gonna keep going. Even if i have a night out or a bit of a slip i know this is a permanent change for me now and i know how to deal with it. cause and effect - i found a really good blog online about excuses particularly on diets and it listed all hte common ones and then shot them down one by one and reading it was like listening to myself and realised that there really is no excuses good enough to make me give up, just a few that are EASY enough for me to stop. I'll see if i can find it and post the link :)


This is for life
Thanks - very interesting blog. Wont necessarily manage all the exercise side - but think the lc diet is spot on (all about woe vs diet)

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