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raring to go


overworked underpaid mum!
Hiya! I started yesterday when my pack turned up. If u have not had an email, email them thru the site and they should chase down a 'within this hour' slot for you. ;) good luck!x
Hi Kas
Good luck with today! Have you ever done a VLCD before?First few days might be a challenge but after that you'll feel fab (and its amazing how quickly your tastebuds change for things like black tea!)
hi LED,thanks for the welcome. :) i have done lipotrim a few times having 2 shakes then a evening meal but this is the 1st time on tfr so looking forward to starting lol. any tips on ts would be muchly appreciated. x
Hi Kaz

Exante TS is a good diet it'll work wonders! First few days can be tricky- make sure you drink plenty of water!

Boullion can be a great help- look for it in Tesco and it'll fill a hole on the days where the next shake/soup seems a life time away!

The first weigh in will be a big one- research glycogen and you'll see why on a tfr diet like this you lose it all from your system- the ketosis is what helps you go all day on the 600 cals, and after day 2/3 it'll be there helping you along.

Good luck!

Annie :)
I've started today and while I'm pensive, I'm 100% committed to getting this weight off!

Us girls starting on August 1st / 2nd should set-up a challenge!


Silver Member
Good luck all :) I wouldn't mind a challenge, started yesterday and need to keep focused. My problem is I dwell on how long stuff takes to happen lol so I expect to be slim right away and get depressed when it doesn't happen but I am thinking a new me for my birthday which is in Jan :)

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