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Rather shameless..


"The Stig" Pig
...but would anyone mind having a nose at my food diary please and letting me know if I'm doing it right, if there's anything I should change etc? I'm doing this on my own with literature and books I've begged, borrowed stolen and acquired off ebay so I don't really know if I'm doing as I should be.

Mucho thanks in advance!!

P.S The link is down here
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Lady A

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Hello Hun,

I've had a nosey at your diary and it looks ok to me as long as you're having 1/3 superfree foods. The only thing that I can suggest is to keep your healthy extra's and meals as varied as possible and to make sure you have your syns as you'll be able to lower them if you plateau.

Please can I be cheeky & ask a favour in return and ask you how you named your link to your diary in your signature as mine looks a bit ugly and I'll like it to say Lady A's Banquet. Thank you in advance xxxx


"The Stig" Pig
I asked this in the tech section the other day :)

What you do is copy the URL for your diary
Then edit signature
Type Lady A's banquet
Then highlight what you have just written, then click the "insert link" button and paste the diary URL in and that should be it :)

I'm having on average about 10-12 syns a day and every little thing that passes my lips is on that diary. i was hoping that someone could say whether they think it looks like 1/3 superfree. I know it all depends on portion size etc but just a generalisation would be grand :eek:
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Lady A

Loves to Shop!
Hey hunny,

I've had another look and it looks fine as you've had fruit with breakfast and salad/veg with lunch and dinner. On the days where I'm extra hungry I have fruit & tea in between meals or I'll have a piece of fruit before my treat so I don't over indulge and binge on chocolate. That way I make up for any shortfalls in superfree at meal times.

Thank you for helping me fix my link it's looking prettier now thanks :D xxxx


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Just had a wee nosey and it all looks brilliant to me! You haven't half got the hang of it quickly considering you only started a few weeks ago - for my first few weeks I was mistakes galore!

I think you've got brilliant variety with your meals, yum!!! :D Well done with your losses so far, and good luck!! xx