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Rattymum's diary - Red days

Hi everyone, I've been on SW for the past 7 weeks and i've lost 6lbs doing EE, but i've STS for the past 3 weeks. I've had a few meals out, bbq's, lunches out during that time but i've kept on track the rest of the time. I'm thinking of doing a week of red days to see how i get on and see if I can boost things a bit. Being fairly new to SW and a newbie to red days, any ideas at all? Wednesday is my weigh day and my Day 1, so i'm starting today. Here is what i've had so far (and what i'm planning to have). Need to get used to the extra Hex A's and B's as only allowed one of each on EE. Any advice/tips would be appreciated.

Wednesday 29th June - Day 1 - Red

Bfast - 28g porridge (HXB), 1/4pt ss milk (part of HXA), banana and 1tsp honey (1 syn)

Snack - watermelon

Lunch - Last night's leftover chicken filled with light cheese triangle (part of HXA), wrapped in bacon, cut up and mixed with toms, spring onion, pepper and beetroot and 95g new pots (HXB). Muller light for after.

Planned dinner - Salmon fillet with new Pots (HXB) and veg

I've read that I can have 195g new pots as a Hex B, so if i have 95g for lunch, then is it ok to have the other 100g for dinner?

Also got some fruit to snack on in work for this afternoon
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Oops! Forgot to mention that i drink about 5-6 cups of either flavoured green/herbal tea everyday and i always aim to drink 1.5-2lts of water a day

Hi again! I didn't have what I had planned for dinner last night due to one thing and another. Ended up boiling 2 eggs and having some smoked salmon and 2 light cheese trangles with it. Didn't have my 1/3 superfree with the meal though!! Oops! Had a muller light after.

Thursday 30th June - Day 2 - Red

Bfast - banana and muller light (bit of a rush this morning)

Snacks throughout day - pinepapple, apple and carrot sticks

Lunch - Ham and cheese triangle sandwich (HXB and half HXA for cheese as only used 2 triangles? Hope this is ok?)

Will update dinner later.

Again, any tips or advice appreciated please. Thanks x
Hello, I need to confess that I have fallen off the wagon over the past month-6 weeks. Been a very busy time - meals out etc... and went away for a week's break visiting OH's family a few weeks ago. Since coming home I haven't been able to get back on track! Desperately want to start afresh. Will start posting on diary again soon x
Hi everyone! I'm back again after falling off the wagon over the Christmas period and before that! I unfortunately put on a lot of the weight I lost. I started back on 5th Jan 2012 and I'm determined to do it this time! Weddings seems to be the motivation this year. I've attended one already and I've one in April to go to and I'm bridesmaid for my friend in July, so I've got to do well! I thought I would share my food diary with you all again. I'm glad to be back! I decided to join a SW class as I thought it would help me and I find staying for Image Therapy really helps. I'm following the EE plan.

Friday 24th Feb 2012

B: Magic porridge with summer fruits - 35g porridge oats (HexB), Muller yoghurt mixed with summer fruits
Snack: Pink grapefruit
L: Cold cooked chicken breast, filled with 1 LCEL cheese triangle (1syn) and 25g chorizo (2.5syns), wrapped in bacon with mixed salad, pickled onion, beetroot and boiled egg
S: Mixed fruit - melon, pineapple and mango
S: Sweet n Sour mugshot
D: Spaghetti Bolognese
Drinks: Diet pepsi, water and tea/coffee (using milk from HexA allowance)

Syns: 3.5
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Just to add too that I started this thread some time ago when I tried to follow Red days, hence why it's called Rattymum's Diary - Red Days! I'm now following Extra Easy, but I don't think I'm able to change the thread name?...
Ok, sorry everyone - i've decided to start a new thread as I'm not following Red days anymore, i'm doing extra easy. Hope it all makes sense! LOL! x

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