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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by BubblyLady4, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. BubblyLady4

    BubblyLady4 Full Member

    :cry:I just want to cry.

    Was on such a high last night as i lost 2 1/2 pounds at class and had a great week, fitted into small size pair of jeans too but today; first day of the new week i am SO ravenous with cravings.

    I am just trying to remember the feelings of losing that weight and fitting into the jeans, but the cravings are so strong i just want to give in....


    It's crazy though isn't it - how they are so strong.

    Sat here at my desk at work and i've come on here and got a bottle of water next to me to curb this, but i've been like this since this morning - i have no syns left.

    I have a yummy dinner planned but i got like 4 hours before that and a gym session - and i have no fruit


    Sorry :( xx
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  3. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    Oh no Hun! Can you get acess to any food? I have days like these too, try not to look at any food, hope you get through ok Hun x
  4. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Hey Vikki - well done on resisting the cravings! Is there anyway you can get hold of some fruit to try to ease things? I find the natural sugars in fruit really help to stop me heading for the junk. I firmly believe that refined sugar in particular is a drug that you can get addicted to. You've done so well though - keep going! Those cravings will get less and less the more you resist them. Given it's addictive qualities, it's going to be hard going if you don't allow yourself to eat something... hence the fruit! Maybe you could keep some in your desk along with a mugshot or two for when you get these cravings again? Good luck and keep us posted how you do.
    Last edited: 21 January 2014
  5. BubblyLady4

    BubblyLady4 Full Member

    Hey both - no access to any fruit till after work so 5pm and there are sandwiches and crisps on the table in the office from a lunch buffet, which i've resisted.....that's NOT helping at all :(

    I got a tin of free ravioli so i am going to have that.....that's gotta see me through till dinner - which it will hunger wise, but hopefully it'll ease any cravings too....!!
  6. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Good you've got something - hopefully it'll do the trick.
  7. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    Well done Hun you have done so well! And glad you have something to maybe tide you over xxx
  8. BubblyLady4

    BubblyLady4 Full Member

    Thanks you too - things are easing, but it's crazy how strong the cravings are....just wanted to scoff everything in sight!!

    Session at the gym....then i got actifry chips, ham, egg and HexA cheese (cheesy chips!) with peas!! :) YUMMY!!
  9. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    I know it's like temptation is everywhere! But remember you have done so well today your will power is amazing xx
  10. Browsie

    Browsie Silver Member

    Have you got any sugar free juice or access to a low cal soft drink. I find these usually curb my sweet tooth.
  11. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Well done for being strong so far. Hope your ravioli helps, it sounds nice and stodgy.
    Agree with the diet drinks suggestion, that can help.
    Personally in that situation I think I would go and buy some canned fruit in the shop over the road; I know it has syns but if you drain it and eat slowly it might help and it's a lot better than chocolate.
    Can you ask your colleagues to eat up the buffet leftovers quickly please or put them in the kitchen?!
  12. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    I find having a large glass of water or coffee helps in times like these! I'm lucky as I work from home- but also not so lucky because of it, yesterday I was gobbling up my lunch by 11:30!!

    Hope you got through the day okay x

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