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Raw mushrooms

Hiya, I tend to like the taste of raw mushrooms (button) but can we eat them raw? I tend to put a few in salads or eat them raw with a bit of phili. A few weeks ago i had an upset stomach i thought it was fish but now that i think of it i had 3 raw big mushrooms that day!
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i always eat them raw either on their own or in a salad never had any bad effects from them :)
I like thinly sliced raw button mushrooms with thinly sliced fennel (I use a peeler), with some fromage frais and some finely chopped tarragon. Makes a wonderful salad with some crispy romaine lettuce.
they are fine to eat raw, as long as you are not eating them in large quantities which can lead to stomach upsets etc. (although I gather the same would probably apply to cooked mushroom too).

It is one of the reasons Canada won't allow Quorn to be sold here, because of the allergic reactions and stomach upsets people have had from it.

I think as long as you were okay with them before, then it should be no different now, but there are people who's digestive systems have problems with them.
I've never had the raw. Always in frylight or water - even grilled or in other sauces etc.

Having said that, for many years I thought they were meat:eek: probably because they were always with steak or mixed grill etc. lol
I have always eaten raw shrooms, lovely...still alive when I last checked. Just so delighted they are freeee!:p
i love mushrooms:)

i love pulling the wee bit out of the middle and filling it with brown sauce lol
The first time I ever had raw mushrooms was at a reception, where they came round with tiny button mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon. Weird but really nice!

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