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Re-gaining Control & CBT


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Hi Guys - as old pros of this diet, I wanted some advise.

I came home after WI having lost a total of 8.5lb over 2 weeks (i went away for a week) and ate 4 slices of toast, 2 slices of pizza and a bowl of frosties!!


I have been picking bits and pieces and so i think this was the lead up to it.

Im not completely happy with my LLC. She is so lovely, but we dont really do much in the group. What I have learned is what I have read myself from the book.

I have also ordered CBT for dummies, so I can try and change my own thinking patterns myself. So I am looking forward to reading that.

I have decided to build my bridge (as jez says) and leave it behind me, but has anyone got any tips of how to get back into 100% abstenence or which bits of the LL book I could re-read to inspire myself.

Also - it seems I have put on about 2lb from that little episode.....if i stay completely abstenent, do you think i could still have a reasonable weight loss for wednesday night?

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It is most interesting, that you went on holiday and abstained. Lost 8.5 pounds.

Then, after that, and the amazing success of that - you eat some toast and pizza. ????? Whats up with that Mel? Do you feel, you did not deserve the success of your holiday abstinance, so you sabatoged it?

I just find that remarkable, and osmething I think needs looking at as it could be a key issue for you?

It is alsmost as if you feel you should not have ssucceeded, so didyou best to see that you made up for that success, by sabatoging yourself?

Very interesting pattern I would explore deeply.

Can't really refer you to anything to read, but you gotta reachdeep within yourself and pull your strength back up again, and just put this blip behind you and get back on track. Just draw a big line under it = and move on.

But do have a gooood long think about why you think you did that.

Good luck hon. Don;t giveup - move on. :)


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Hey Mel
I think it's a bit quiet on here at the moment. I can't say why you managed to abstain whilst on holiday and then not when at home. It could just be that you let your guard down - you were all psyched up to prove to yourself you could abstain on holiday and understandably thought that you had cracked it by doing so and that it would be easier in the normal day to day situations. You have perhaps proved to yourself that you have to be equally 'psyched up' and on your guard at all times, especially those you might think are easier.

I can read in your post how the adult is in residence and want you to see how far you have come psychologically with this diet - by talking about how you are going to cross Jez's bridge, accept the mistake and move forward.

Do you think you ate an extra 7000 calories as that is how much 2 lbs would cost you - if not then some is probably water, and even if it is gained weight, you could lose that and 2 more next week so don't panic. Wednesday is just a point in time, overall it is irrelevant in the scheme of things if you have a 2lb gain Wednesday or not as that could be easily wiped out the week after or the week after that.



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Im not completely happy with my LLC. She is so lovely, but we dont really do much in the group. What I have learned is what I have read myself from the book.
This almost felt like fishing to shift blame somewhere else! :p While you are obviously very much aware of your own short comings, and are desperate to explore them somehow - your LLC sometimes may indeed be useless - after all sometimes they are just women who buy the business plan and don't have much experience with weight loss themselves (I have met some LLC's who had been slim all their lives! :) ) - though I myself had a very uneventful LLC, she was reading from the guide book and didn't offer much on top. I had to read the book, and more often than not in my 9 months of LL had no group session at all because they were still doing 'closed groups'. Despite this I had no lapses at all.

What helped me in situations of temptation was to stop for a moment... Even if my hand was on the food item, I stopped. And very clearly and CONSCIOUSLY told myself That : I. Don't. Want. This. ... I wasn't denying myself by saying that I can't. Then have a feel around inside and know that you are not truly hungry. Then look again and say out loud. Nah, don't want it. ... Put it back. ... very easy technique to use, and almost silly, but it does work...

Either way; good luck with it all! Remember, also, when you're tempted, write a post here instead! Could distract you from the evil wants and inner head tantrums! :cool:

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