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Re-start Re-start Re-start Bla Bla Bla!!!!!

Yes u got it re-start again!!!!! I have tried misserably quite a few times to get back on diet but cant:mad::mad::cry:.....Went back to my cdc last thursday got weighed had put on 6lb .... had 2 shakes friday then gave up. went out sat night got drunk!!!! had a sunday dinner then said i would start today.:eek: got up today but started my periods so had some frosties!!! of all the cereal to have lol...:banghead:. lost cause:wave_cry:......:mad:

sharon ...:(
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Mrs V

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Hi Sharon,

I am exactly like you at the moment and it took a friend that I had encouraged to join CD to set me back on the path.
Her enthusiasm and encouragment made me realise that I was completely ruining my efforts so far.
Get today over with, decide what you want to do....do you want to be on this plan and loose the weight, OR are you going to pay money out for something that you are not concentrating on?

I know these are harsh words, but like, me, if you continue to sabourtage everything that you have accomplished so far, then perhaps you need to think of trying somethingelse?

Good luck with your decision Hun and I really hope that you can find something that will make you happy.


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Sharon,Don't beat yourself up, you have had alot to cope with, and you must still be stressed and very emotional...give yourself a bit of time hun, and get your frame of mind and determination back!!Come on Sharon you can do it, you know you can...Love
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I know the feeling everyday I have good intentions to start properly the next, but I fail. It is so hard restarting. I am taking it a day at a time, I am determined not to cheat today ,then maybe I could last a week.


2nd Time Lucky!
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Restarts are always harder, you really really need to get it in your head beforehand.
You are right, if u did it once u can do it again. So set yourself a mini goal for doing once weeks SS. Take it a day at a time and keep us posted. I know you can do this!
Once ketosis kicks in your laughing, now go girl go!! :D:D



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roh Skinnymonkey, you are too hard on yourself - You have had a lot to deal with recently and your head is not focused yet- get your TOTM out of the way, keep your carbs very low, drink lots of water in prep for next Monday when you can confidently start again.
What helped me this time compared to other times was to think health, my health and all the bad things about being overweight / obese. I want to stay healthy for my daughter, I want to be around for her for along time to come etc. As soon as I attached a personal thing to the weightloss it put it into perspective for me. I don't want to be Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham ( not that would ever happen without a bloody miracle!) but I do want to be ME but slimmer, fitter and happier.
You can do this too, we are all here gently nudging you along - big hugs:)
im with you .... i have treid to restart for the last 8 days , always finding an excuse not to . yesterday did good all day then had beans on toast and pack of crisps. so far so good today . i want to be slim but i just want it to happen with no active dieting from moi !!! but that aint gonna happen. so im just thinking of dropping a dress size before xmas . just think if you can strugglle thru the first few days then all will be good !!! good luck with your restart.
Hi Sharon..

I have restarted so many bloody times, i cant even tell u how many..
Have been on this diet now since April, all went brilliant.. until i thought to my self, i dont need to do this anymore ! god only knows why i thought that but never mind... started every morning with such great intentions, come tea time.. all went to pot !! looking back i could cry, 1 for the amount of time i have been on this, and 2 the amount of money i have spent, only to cave in and have utter crap.. !

Well the long of it is... have started today, i asked me CDC to give me a new card, so the one with the 6 shiny stickers has now been put back in the drawer, so new goals.. and a new start,

We can do it, just think of how many compliments you get, and how fantastic you feel ( if a little big headed) when ppl say 'oh my god'.. looking you up and down.. you look brill.. !
yeah i know we have all been there done that, and we will do it again,

I am now 8lb heaver than i was before all my slip ups and mishaps, so i need to get that off and then start.. my goal is now at 14stone, currently weighing in at 15stone 5lb.. however weight in April was 21stone 9lb !

so if anyone wants to restart with me, that will be great.. i need someone to keep me and my fingers away from the cookie jar,

good luck to everyone..

x x

Thanks all for your kind words. With the loss of my aunt and other things in my life i have gone off the rails at minute, the diet just seemed not to matter, but i know my aunt would not have wanted that.. I will get my head back round it but gonna wait till next monday. Thanks canaryyellow we could do this together if u want.

sharon xx

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