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Re-start take 50 million!!!!


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Hi Guys,

I havent been on here for ages, but hope you rememeber me!!

I have been having a bit of a break from Lipotrim... well basically, each time I re-started i would give in soon after! So the last few weeks I have been off the diet, and have now been back on Lipo since Monday.

I am on day 3 and going strong (ish). I really need to finish this diet now, i am more than half way through my weight loss, i just need a few months of sticking ridgidly to this diet and I will get there! Its stupid of me to contantly be having breaks, so I am now ready to keep going this time. I dont know whats been wrong with me. I want to do this diet, but a few days in I just lose it and give in to temptation. I was going to wait to post until next week when I have done a week without eating, but have now decided that that would be like me expecting to fail, so I am going to let you all know now that I am back!! and this time when I have a moment of weakness I am going to come on here and talk about it! :p

I have missed so much, i would just like to say well done to everyone! You are all doing so well :D

Thanks guys :)
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Good luck with the restart Lizzie xxx


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Cheers hun, i feel great too. How are you doing? back in the right frame of mind? xx


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You'll be grand, I have been keeping an eye! Well actually we've kept an eye on each other this week eh Lizzie! One last push thats all we need, we're nearly there.x


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Welcome back hun. xx


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It makes it seem real to admit it out loud i think! I was tempted like you not to admit it until i was back to my lightest weight, but knew it was for the best!lol!
Are you gonna post what your starting weight is?
lol, oh i didnt think to do that! Ok ok!!

*Stand up, puts hand on heart* "Hello, my names Elizabeth and I now weight 12 stone 3lbs after have my time off the diet :( !"
There Elizabeth, don't you feel washed of your sins now?!! LOL! Sorry, hope I never pressured you into that! Just think if the loss you'll ahve this week tho.x
lol! No its ok!! I am hoping to get back down to 11.10lbs by my weight in on sat! Wont count it as a 7lb loss though!! Cant wait until i start getting below that!!

See Pineapple we should be going down all the time, not up, then down, then up, then down!!
Tell me about it! But we will Lizzie, or we'll be fat blubbers forever!

I have to get to 11st 8lb before I can start counting it as an offical loss, I think thats a bit ambitious for me to get there by Sat, but am always hopeful!
Hi Lizzie , nice to have you back again, Good luck with your restart:) x


serial poster
thats wierd ..i was only thinking i hadnt seen you around for a while this morning!

good luck with the restart lizzie..glad your back x

h x

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