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Re-starting - 12 week challenge


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Hi Folks,

I am re-starting, have put on a lot of what I lost last year but am sick of feeling sorry for myself!! Moping about makes me depressed and I eat even more.. So enough is enough!!

Started today and have an important event to attend at the end of February, cannot face buying a size 24 ball gown.. eek!! At the weight below I will be a comfortable size 18 and at 5' 8" look reasonable..

I'm CD'ing 100% until Christmas eve then back on it the 28th December, I am away for Christmas.

Looking forward to getting to know you all, I was on a lot last year and the beginning of this year, my old nic name was Diet4-40 :)

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hi Sarah I remember you, I've put on about 8 lbs never quite got to goal, have been on and off cd for months, feeling sorry for myself too! I keep trying to restart and stay 100% but have failed sooo many times, there's always something (excuse) that sends me to the biscuit tin. enough is enough re start day 1 for me too and so far so good


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Hi Trisha..

Glad we're re-starting at the same time :0) Makes all the difference to have the support, you have done brilliantly so far, well done you :)


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Well day 2 for me, had a bit of a lie in, as much as you can with a 4 yr old...lol

Just having a hot choc mint shake and downed about al itre of water, not a good idea really as now I am going shopping!!

Feeling positive and need to remember this feeling for when I feel despondent and low, I always feel better on CD, my IBS goes, my head is clearer, this diet really suits me :)


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Welcome Back, Sarah V.

Glad it's going well so far.



Staying on plan!
hi sarah,
hows it going hun?


going to do it!!!!
hi there sarah, o restarted 2 wks ago and had a good first week and lost 9lb but then went away with the family and had a few days off plan and put on so got back into it on tues so its my second week now and finding it hard but got to keep gong, as like you am sick of moping around feeling sorry for myself and depressed and then eating!!
im doing ss+ this time and finding it much easier than ss and im having a bar each day as part of my 4 packs and it didnt make a difference to my weight loss.
im going to stay on ss+ until christmas eve and then back on the 28th dec until goal which i would really love to be at for feb too as going to las vegas to get married and i want to feel nice in my dress. stay n touch and let us know how your doing.
Best Wishes JosieJo -- Are you going to do the get married by Elvis bit? I think I want to renew our vows for our 25th in one of those tacky LV chapels. We were married by a JP because at the time were of different protestant faiths -- but in the past nearly 23 years we have come to the conclusion that it is faith not the religion that is most important. But, I'd still like a Church blessing (esp. if the minister is dress as Elvis).

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going to do it!!!!
hi minniemel, this is going to be my 2nd wedding i did the whole white dress church thing when i first got married unfortunetly though to the wrong man.
this time though i know im doing the right thing we have been together fo past 8 years and been through thick and thin and still together. we been to vegas 4 times already and i always joke that i would love to do the tacky lv elvis wedding thng when we are there. and on valentines day this year he asked me so viva las vegas here we come:D
we getting married in the golden nugget hotel in downtown las vegas by elvis :Dand i cant wait!!!
i want to feel really good in my dress which ive seen but havnt ordered yet so cd ss+ i must stick too i would love to weigh about 10 stone so thats another 3 stone for me to lose before then hope i can do it!!
Hi JosieJo -- We Americans like to refer to those first marriages that were "learning experiences" (as you learn what you don't want, etc.) as "Practice Marriages"... so, you've practiced and this one is for real!
It sounds so awesome... you are doing what I think would be totally fun and so much fun! Post pictures when you get back -- I know what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there... but this will be too good not to share. And I suspect that if you get to 11 stone (your goal weight), as you are 5"7" you'll look fabulous. So, do not put too much pressure on yourself. You want to look healthy and happy... not skinny and miserable!

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going to do it!!!!
ahh thanx minnimel,
if i do get to 10 stone though i promise i wont be miserable ill be singing from the rooftops lol. and what happens in vegas in feb wont stay in vegas ha ha ill def be posting my pix on here!!
im sitting here though at the min watching oh eating a lovely supper and all ive had is 1 cd shake as ive totally forgotten to eat today. going have a choccy tetra and a bar when x factor starts.
sarah i hope you doing well let us know when weigh in is

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