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Re-starting again - back off my hols & need to get back on this

So i had a great holiday, i ate well, did not touch any naughty stuff all week, was hoping with the sun to come back a few lbs lighter with sweating loads :8855:& also as i ate well, but i just feel bigger, i feel so bloated as well :confused:

I just seem/feel to be getting bigger??? I also think doing this diet seems to be messing my cycles up. Last period was 24th April & im still waiting. This cycle has been very weird, has not been as long as this for ages :eek: done loads of PG tests but all been BFNs as expected

Back to my fertility doctor next month to be referred for IVF....

I have no idea what im weighing in at now, i just know that im hating that clothes a size 12 dont seem to fit me now in New Look & i HATE IT!!!!!!!!

I want to lose as much as possible to get to my first mini goal end of July so i have 5ish weeks (be nice to lose a stone by then) I am putting myself though at about 12st :(

Have text mt CB consultant & am going back next week to pick up the shakes & start again
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Hiya hun, I am now on day 4 of my restart and i have found it really hard but its a learning curve for me being 100%. I am sure you will have your extra pounds off in no time hun and will be feeling great going and getting into a size 12 again hehe! We are all here if u need some extra support <3 xxx
welcome back and good luck at weighing in :)

you will be in new Look size 12s before you know it.


Laugh in the face of food
Good luck for your restart Chelsea, you can do it!! The fact that you were good on your holiday proves that!!!!! Xxx


Mad as a Hatter
Welcome back

I too am on my restart - day 1 today so not too hard - it's normally day 2/3 that gets me... so fingers crossed I can be strong

Good luck with getting your supplies next week and getting back on the wagon

Went & got weighed today & got my shakes. I re_start tomorrow.. I have gained 1lb in 4 weeks i am so so chuffed. I sooo thought i had put on quite abit but i think it is just because i am so so bloated from a awol period....


Laugh in the face of food
Ah well that's a good starting point well done! Stay strong Hun you can do it! Xxx
Welcome back & Good Luck Xx
4lb gain from my WI today but AF finally arrived yesterday so i was expecting a gain

I am struggling though. I just want to eat all the time & also the wrong foods.. I am bored of the whole shake thing, i struggle to get them down me..

I really dont know how people are doing this day in day out without food??


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Welcome back hun and good luck,

I know how you feel, it can get soo boring but well worth it in the end xxx


Must do it this time
Hey hun,

sorry to hear your struggling,i know it really is a hard diet to do but the results really do speak for themselves as you already know.Just think that those few pounds off you in no time.You wont be on cd forever its only a very short time.

I think that your head really has to be in the right place to do this diet 100%.Why dont you try to do ss+ and see how that goes,the losses are similar to ss,i do ss+ and my losses are good on it.

Stay strong and post often
Somuchtolose mayb i do need to go up the plan so at least im eating, but i know that after a week of chicken/fish/veg/salad i will soon be bored. My salads are very limited as i only like lettuce, cucumber & red onion.

I wish i could just go back to eating properly 3 meals a day fruit inbetween forget the crap.. I use to be 8st & eat normally i really dont know what happened. Well i had my son & gained 4st as i ate so much crap, But i was back to 9st 9 months after having him with watching what i ate & working out...


Nearly a yummy Mummy
i say stick to cd for at least another week and see how you go with wi, my guess is you will be over the moon with your loss so it will spur you to carry on xxxxxx

Come on hun, you can do it xxx
Dione i have never managed a whole week.... I think that get the first few days done & i will be over the worst it is just getting those days over & done with

Im working tomorrow & fri so out of the house away from food so it is do-able


Nearly a yummy Mummy
keep going hun, it will get easier after the 1st week. everytime you have the need toeat, make a black coffee, go have a bath or read a magazince to take your mind off of it x

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