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Re-starting Monday week 8!!!!!!!!!

Hi All

Thought i would start my own diary to help me along with my weight loss so here i go.

I was always a skinny child ,teenager and then a bad accident left me unable to walk for nearly 9 months when i was 19.
When i left the hospital i was 8 1/2 stone and gradually the weight has crept on i am now 32 and 14stone 7lbs :cry:
I have 2 sons a wonderful hubby but i dont blame my pregnancy,s or any other events on my weight gain, i blame myself eating the wrong the food and too much off it.
I am often look at myself in the mirror and dont reconize who i am. I am really 10 stone in my own head:):D:D

So here i begin with my challenge to lose 4 and 1/2 stone. I have only told 2 people i am doing this diet as i have tried and failed before so i have decided to keep it a secret and prove tom my friends and family that i can do this but manily prove to myself that i can.

I am on day 6 now days 1,2,3 and 4 where ok but yesterday was awful i just got the urge to eat all around me but i didnt so very proud of myself.

I am up since 6am this morning with my son so thats bad as the longer i can sleep the better:D:D:D

I will post reguarly and hopefully this well help me on my journey.


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hi and good luck. i will be following your diary and wish you all the best. you can do this and like me you will find your REAL self. I am a changed person, believe me! good luck and speak soon.
I will be following your diary :) there will always be days that are a bit harder, but once you get past those you'll feel really proud of yourself! Good luck!
Hello... hun and good luck i have noticed i started at 14.3 near to your weight and your also aiming to be 10 stone just like me.!:):)

You can do this hun within the next couple of months you will reach your goal.!:D
Hi slim4life, good luck with the diet. I am like you in that I think of myself as slim and often get a nasty shock when the clothes I think will look good on me look awful.

I look forward to reading your dairy.

ah thanks guys for all the messages you are all very kind i will be following all our journeys here as this place keeps me sane lol
you are all doing so well keep it up:)

yes shanny the magical 10 stone how i would love to be there think its over 10 years since i was but it seem like a good number :D

thanks again guys you are so guy for posting:grouphugg:
thanks shanny 9 13 is even better:D:D

god i wish this day would be over all ready roll on bed time i suppose being up at stupid o clock dosent help the cause:rolleyes:

anyway getting through ok i had my sister and her family here for awhile then i went to a basket ball match for a little while, and then later this evening brought my two sons out for a walk and a kick about so feeling very good to have gotten a little excerise in.

My hubby is gone off out with the boys for a mc donalds :jelous::jelous: they better not come back smelling of it lol

Just going for a nice bath now

Chat later

Day 7 wooohooo cant believe i am here already well actually i can its been a long week so weigh in day today and i am so excited and nervous i am aiming for a 7lb loss but if it is 6 i wont be too dissappointed either.

It is wet and miserable here in Dublin but i am back in work where i find it so much easier to do this diet the weekend was tough.

Anyway yesterday i said my hubby was bringing the kids to mc donalds it turns out they wanted chinese so they arrived back to the house with the food i went upstairs to read for an hour and when i came back down all the traces of food was gone. This really annoys me that i cant be really trusted around food :cry:and it scares me on how i will handle this in the future but i need to change so badly anyhow at least i didnt touch it so that is something fo me to be proud of.

My hubby told me this morning that my face looked slimmer mmmmm wonder is he just trying to be nice:D

Right i am rambling i better go and do some work and i will report back later on my loss.

I hate the thoughts of drinking loads of water now surley that will make my loss smaller:rolleyes: i am sure it will all even itself out!!!!

Hope everyone has a fab CD day

well done nicoletia hope i can do the same

well i just saw a photo of myself a couple of months back and OH MY GOD i am so fat :cry::cry:it has upset me so much but also inspired me to keep going with this diet i will post it here once i can post an after pic
had a great day today 8lbs down and stuck to the diet 100% so very happy now but i am knackered so i am going to have an early night

Thanks again for all the support

Congrats on your first weight loss, thats great!!

Hows today gone?

Lou x

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