Re-starting On Saturday

Hi to all out there..

I've tried going on the Cambridge Diet a few months ago but kept failing because I kept getting hungry and always fell off-track.

But I've signed myself up for the Cambridge Diet 7-day Challenge which starts Saturday. I'm really hoping that the prizes (winner gets 3 free boxes of CD!) will motivate me. Not to mention the fact that people are gonna measure my before-and-after weight.

Just wanted to do a pre-post and gain some support first before I start on Saturday. Really hoping to lose real weight over here. If you guys see this, mind charting to me your weight loss so far? Would really love to see your successes and be motivated by it. :)

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Hey, good luck for your start on Saturday!
When I was sticking too it, I lost just under 3 stone in 14 weeks. Then i gained and lost gained and lost you get the gist! Back on track again today. When you do stick you get fantastic losses. Sounds like a great challenge too. Well done. Let us know how you get on.

Looking forward to getting to know you more.
A 7 day challenge is great. it's those first few days that are the hardest isn't it. What great motivation to stick it out.

Best of luck :)
Good luck .... and what a great incentive! The thought of three free boxes of CD would certainly keep me on track!!