Re-starting this again


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Hi been awhile since i have been on this board think it would have been about end of June beginning of July 2012

I did the Dukan diet for about 6 weeks in aim to shift some serious lbs as i got married on the 1st September. I did it for about 6 weeks & did well, then with the stress off the wedding etc lost even more weight.

Was very happy with how i looked on my wedding day :)

I kept the weight off until Nov 2012, went back to just eating normally everything in moderation etc.
November i became really busy with a new treatment with work (im a beauty therapist) i work from home & i became flat out 6 days a week through the whole of Nov from 4pm until late meaning i didnt get to eat so was eating takeaways 6 days a week & a roast on a sunday. Then with christmas etc the weight has piled back on :( my own fault

So here i am again about 2st off what i would like to be, so am re-starting this again tomorrow. Off to do my food shop today get the stuff i need.

With it being 7 months since i last did this i am going to do the attack stage for about 8 days. Will i lose like i did last time i lost 10lbs i think in that time???

I am dreading it LOL its the 1st few days i hate but i no after day 3-4 it gets better...

Off to read the threads :eek:
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Hey CH we know each other from elsewhere (the pink place and i have a different user name) I only had Christmas off, 2 weeks in total and went back to attack for 3 days but TBH it didn't really help an awful lot so maybe not 8 days on attack for you as cheesegirl suggests and I think they say attack only really works that well once every time after that it doesn't work as well.


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I only had a couple of stone to lose and was recommended by the official site to do a two day attack - that bit is only getting rid of the water weight from eating carbs anyway, the real fat loss happens in the weeks and months that follow.


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Welcome back Chelsea... you know the score ;)
Yeah 8 days attack would be totally futile. 2-3 maximum with just 2 stone to lose. Good luck x


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Welcome back! Another vote for less days on Attack!

I came back with around 2 stone to lose and the Dukan website recommended 4 day attack - but that will all be due to my diet history etc. I'd say 2-3 would be plenty for you!

Good luck :)


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I had 6 stone to lose and was calculated to do 5 days arrack.... 8 days is far too long and won't benefit you in any way at all. You will just end up very bunged up ;) ....the real weight is lost in cruise


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Welcome back Chelsea good luck xxx