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Re- starting tomrrow. I'll need help please

Hi all. As the title say's i'm restarting tomorrow and i'll need all the support i can get please. I'm not the strongest willed person in the world. suppose i wouldn't be overweight if i was. I've messed about with every diet going but never stick with them long enough to make a real difference. I've lost about 7 stone up to now. Well i've lost the same flippin stone 7 times to be exact and found a couple more along the way. Decided its time to sort our lives out before its too late, diet, money the lot. Fingers crossed this is my time to change. Good luck to you all too x
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Sorry think i should have posted this in the returners section(never said i was bright). Anyone know if can move it please?


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Oh my god you lost 7 stone already though so you must have some willpower!!! I felt like i would never ever lose any weight and felt destined i would feel massive forever!!! It just doesn't have to be like this. I have found the Cambridge a challenge yes, but an absolute godsend. Its not point counting or watching syns..it's the supplies you buy from your consultant and thats that! I'm entering my 5th week and am so up for it. I want to lose another stone and a half and am absolutely going to do it. You can too!!!! I love food....i can't tell you how much but i'm doing it. It has really helped me over the weeks trying to help my husband plan his meals and finding recipes for him to try,this may sound sadistic but i missed being in contact with food so i found some comfort in this. Might not work for everyone but that's how i coped. Just drink as much water as possible and think of a pair of jeans you would love to get in or think of christmas and being able to buy a fab new outfit... whatever keeps you motivated. You can do it !!! x
Thanks for the reply and great advice but no i haven't lost 7 stone. Just lost and regained the same one over and over again. What a fraud!!!! Well done to you. How much have you lost so far. You sound so motivated!


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Hahah oh goodness im such a dumb blonde sometimes!!! My misunderstanding.
I lost a stone on slimming world (longest year of my life!!) Then lost 14 pounds on Cambridge in 4 weeks!!! Don't actually believe it myself, entering week 5 now. I am absolutely determined that once i have lost it i am keeping it off. I was sick to death of feeling like crap about myself and hating what i saw in the mirror everyday. When im stressed or upset i eat therein lies the problem. Just a vicious circle isn't it?? I just really didn't feel healthy either, hated it. I'm starting to feel really great about things now. The weight just drops off on CD and it really keeps you motivated. I have a great consultant aswell this helps alot. It is difficult at first you just need to remain focused on your goal, the thing is it happens so quick that the weight dropping off in itself is a massive motivater!! Have you done CD before? x
God yeh i could've written that fist part about myself. Totally lost what little bit of confidence i did have. Sort of think well if i dont like me how will anyone else. Just me and hubby at home now but still cook for a family. Also we tell ourselves we'll just have one last treat but it never ends. Have done it before but only for a week. Lost 10lbs and then gave up How stupid??????


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It's not stupid it's reality hun!!! My husband is the same.. Whilst doing slimming world and while i've been on cambridge he lost 3 stone!!
It's so easy when you're a couple and you go eat out you get takeaways, popcorn and doritos with a movie...the list is bloody endless!!! It all centres around food and that is EXACTLY what was wrong with us. It's like I say, I want to get to a weight where i know i can have a treat then be good for a couple of days to compensate. but at the moment it's fat upon fat!!!
I honestly truly believe you can do it. Make a change together and you will both feel fantastic.
I was exactly the same i promise you. Just take it day by day and give yourself some credit you can do this!!! x
Thank you so much for making me welcome and making me believe i can do this. Looking forward to my first week and getting to know and hopefully support anyone if i can. We're all after the same thing at the end of the day. Thanks again xx


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You are more than welcome. Losing weight is tough and you just need someone to tell you you can do it every now and then that's all... Hope it goes well for you, do keep in touch and if you have any questions/ doubts please contact me. If you knew me honestly you wouldn't believe that i've stuck to this diet....So, just believe in yourself...Lots of love and luck x
Know what, after being on here for a short while tonight i really think we can. Think this forum's gonna be a lifeline for me. Keep in touch and we can compare notes x
Hey lovely.

I didnt see my CDC til 2.30, got home an hour later and decided to have a proper dinner cos id not had anything at all all day and felt crappy. On it properly tomorrow. Getting a bit scared now as Im already ravenously hungry. poop!

Hows your day been...? xx
Morning everyone. Hope you're all ok. Well day one didn't go quite to plan. Picked the wrong day to start. Had to travel 2 hours to Leeds hospital for hubby to get test results and i've only got the shakes you make up at the min so totally unprepared. He got the all clear for a year tho so good news. SOOOO.... Today's the day. No excuses, no diversions, just lots of willpower and water. Hope it's going to well for you all. Good luck for today and i'll let you know how it goes x x
Goodluck hunni,u can do it,take each day as it comes that's what I'm doing day 8 for me and so far so good.
I realli want to succeed with this so am try ing 100%.
Let us know how your getting on xx
I started yesterday (again although first time in at least a year). It swasn't as bad as I remembered. But oday I've just realised I didn't bring a tetra for lunch, So hoping that all the water I'll be drinking will fill me up. And at least I get to have 2 packs tonight so will make the evening drag less!

Good luck.
I'm the world's worst dieter. Hopeless. But I've been on Cambridge for nearly two weeks and have found it the best diet ever. not saying I'm never hungry but I'm not getting the Cravings I got on other diets. You can do it.

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