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Well I did LT 7 months ago and went from 17stone to 13.5, now over the last 6 weeks I've crept from <14 (acceptable) to just over 15 stone (NOT acceptable), so I have started LT again today.

I must say I find it really tough to start again, especially when so many people who sucseed on LT end up putting the weight back on.....

Is this going to be my pattern for life? lose thee weight, let it creep on, starve for a few weeks, let it creep back on, starve.... you get the picture!
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A little of everything!
The whole point of the starving/re-feeding process (I think) is to allow you to realise that you don't actually NEED all the cr*p that you eat (& I include myself in that! LOL!) What LT lacks a little I find is a re-education process- like lessons in the right kinds of foods and the right amounts of foods that we should be eating to maintain our losses? LT is a last chance for me as I've tried everything 'properly' to lose the weight. I was under the guidance of a dietitian who was baffled as to why I wasn't losing weight eating 1500cals a day eating the right foods in the right amounts. She had no advice to give me as to how to lose (she couldn't professionally tell me to drop my cals any lower & I understand why in some cases that'd be pointless) so I gave up on her! I tried varying my foods, my fat/carb/protein ratios, my exercise- everything- and nothing was working. I knew what foods to eat/avoid- yet my body wasn't playing ball!
For others though- I know that overeating is the issue- so the triggers for that need to be addressed- or (as you've found) there'll be an endless cycle of starving, eating 'normally', gaining weight, starving etc. etc.
Hi my idea is to go to Slimming world after I finish LT. its really good food education gives you the idea of how much you should eat a day. Maybe try that after?

Good luck! x
Well I really think ate "normally" for the time after LT, on the plus side it has taken me 6 months to gain 1/3 of the weight lost, but.... I bought new (tight) clothes and now they aren't fitting..... Slim World sounds like a plan though, but I find I can handle all or nothing better than restrictions....


I will be skinny again!!!
Im the same chick!

(I had a weekend away this weekend where I allowed myself treats) but im going to stick to the same types of food that are on the refeed for the long term and hope this will work :)


A little of everything!
..... Slim World sounds like a plan though, but I find I can handle all or nothing better than restrictions....
I don't like the idea of 'restricting' foods either, or only being allowed certain foods on certains days. I was calorie counting using a website that also showed the fat/carb/protein content of what I was eating which I found great (except I wasn't losing, just maintaining! LOL!)as it meant that I wasn't/couldn't eat cr*p just because it was in my cal allowance for the day- I had my own ratio targets to try to keep to. But I also didn't deprive myself if I was say going out for a meal- I'd just count it all into my days allowance. If I went over a bit I'd think- "It's only one meal" and get right back on track the next day. I was maintaining really easily doing that so thats what I plan to go back to when I get to target.


Getting thinner everyday!
Welcome back to you.



Finally a size 12!
Im restarting in 2 weeks not because ive put anything on but I finished at 10 stone 13 and im now 11. I want to lose another stone and a bit for my holiday

Once you come off just be careful obviously if you go back to eating how u used to you will PILE everything back on! And remember exercise also even if its a 10 min walk or using stairs instead of lifts! Its a change for the better
Also restarted today - lost 4 stone last year -- have put on a stone and would like to lose 1/5 stone. Do think that it is a constant battle. Only time felt really good was when I wasn't eating and losing weight just before refeed. Since then it has been a constant battle and I agree with those that say the downside of LT is that it dosen't re-educate you. This time I'm going to lose the weight and then join WW to maintain especially as soon as you hit goal it's free. Also I like the look of their discover programme to find those food triggers.
sorry should have said 1/2 stone - would be happy if only had 1/5 stone to lose
Im planning to go back to WW after this as you can still have some of the naughty food just in smaller amounts and I think counting the points I should be able to maintain

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