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Hi, can any body tell me if the weight losses are still big when you restart ss'ing? I lost 11lb in my first week back in july and have restarted yesterday and was wondering if i can expect a big weight loss in my first week again xx
Hi skyzie

I think you can expect a good loss. I had an 8lb loss when I successfully restarted even though I hadn't completely stopped just had a few weeks of 0-1lb losses due to the odd nibble and small meal.

That was the week I found minimims and got refocused!!!!!

Dizzy x
thanks dizzy, i'm hoping to loose as much as i can over the next 3 weeks, i'd be proper pleased if i could loose a stone. xx
Doesn't sound unrealistic! Obviously dependent on how much you have already lost, current weight etc.

I think I lost 3lb the following 2 weeks so that was a stone and then I reached BMI 25 and so stopped SSing.

Dizzy x
i'm 12 st now and would be really happy to loose a stone, my boyfriend is coming down for the weekend in 3 weeks, so want to look my best lol
You can certainly make a difference in 3 weeks! Whatever you lose I'm sure you will be pleased, will feel good and it will show.

Hope it goes well for you.

Dizzy x
The first time I ever did ss I lost 13.5 lbs the first week. At my restart in January I lost 19 lbs first week. Each time is different, so just drink lots of water and stick with it! :d