Reached my First Target


Yeah :)

I've got to the target my hospital consultant wanted me to get to for an operation I need to have and I don't see him for another 4 weeks. Now I want just over another two stone off to get me into a healthy bmi. Hopefully i'll be there by christmas.

I went through my wardrobe and threw out all my size 20 and 22 clothes, hardly got anything left in it. Went shopping today and bought a pair of size 16 jeans and 14-16 Jogging bottoms and tshirts, felt so good.

Need to go and change my ticker now.

Keep going everyone your all such an inspiration and keep me going.
Pickles you must be on the ceiling with delight... Well Done.

You deserve those size 16 jeans - hope you're gonna be "Shakin that arse..." "Shakin that arse...".:)
Well done Pickles - fab loss so far....:D
CONGRATULATIONS on making that very important target. Your consultant will be chuffed especially as you'll have lost loads more by the time you see him.

Dizzy x
Well done Pickles, that's brill.

Good luck with the operation when you finally get it.
:cool: Excellent! Well Done, Pickles!

you feel good now, by Christmas you'll be...


Bring it on:D
Thanks everyone all the support and advice on here really help, there are a few girls at work doing VLCD and i've told them all to go on here too.

Also when I got weighed yesterday I was told i'm now officially overweight and not obease, that was so good to hear.