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Reached the 7 stones goal!!


Here we go again!
Well, it's week 22 weigh in and I lost another 3lbs, which makes a grand total of exactly 7 stones gone!!!!:eek::eek::eek:

Really wanted to lose this weight but never thought, back in January, that I would ever do it. Feel so good today, as you can imagine.

Only 2 weeks of LT left for me then refeeding for 2 weeks then off on my hols. Can't wait. Never looked forward to a holiday as much as this one. Wont feel fat and gross, wont feel so hot in the sun and actually feel pretty damn good about myself at the mo.

I know I still have 11 lbs to go until I reach my target but I really am not bothered about that at all. I like myself now and have never felt better.

Good luck to everyone for their weigh ins and stick with it, I for one can vouch that this diet is the best ever!!
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Oh my god...that is amazing!!
You must have a will of steel! Congratulations!
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That is incredible, well done! I hope I do half as well as you do. Enjoy your hols? Where are you going?

Jules xx


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My Goodness, that's fantastic MiniB!! Well done you and what an inspiration you are to the rest of us.

I'm sure you'll love your holiday and you deserve every second of that wonderful feeling you're going to have 7 stones lighter than you were.

Have a great time.


Here we go again!
Thank you so much both of you.

We're off to rhodes in July, we love it there and can't wait.


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S: 19st0lb C: 18st3lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 0st11lb(4.14%)
WOW!!! congratulations on your amazing weight lose, ur such an inspiration


Here we go again!
Thank you brocher. You're doing really well on this so keep going and you will get to your goal in no time.

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
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Wow what a fantastic achievment, you go girl and get your nice new clothes on when you go on holiday and feel so proud of yourself.


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Bev, FANBLOODYTASTIC!!! thats absolutly amazing and you are amazing!!! well done :) xxxxxxxxxx


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WOWZAZ! thats amazing, i wish you all the happiness in the world with your new figure! have a brill time on holiday!

you deserve it!


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Havent been on in a while bev but WOW, that is soooo Fab for you. You will great on holiday with all that weight off. Bet your looking good!


Positivity is the key
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Hi Bev,:talk017:
A fantastic achievement, congratulations you must feel very proud. In January today was but a dream, yet here you are 7 stone lighter. It makes me very hopeful for what I will achieve in the same time frame. People like yourself give us the confidence and motivation to keep going, thank you.


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Fan-flippin-tastic!!! Well done you, what an achievement, you should be proud of yourself!!


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wow im so proud of you.. well done! you are an amazing person with fantastic drive and will power.. inspiration to lots here.. :) well done you! x


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that is so totally amazing and one in the eye for all the people who say it cant be done.not going to say anything to them now- just smile serenely and think of you! x
doesnt it feel fab! well done! enjoy your hols!
deb xx


Success leads to success
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WOAH! Thats what you call an achievement. Well done Bev!
Jodie x


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Bev, congratulations that is some achievement and you should be extremely proud of yourself.

You're a great inspiration to all the Lipotrimers !!!

Enjoy Rhodes x

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