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Read to go..........

So after posting on here for nearly a week (its feels like alotttt longer) i have all my shakes and my water and im ready to go in the morning!

Ive just had my last tea and feeling really motivated.........only prob................which flavour shake to have first haha!!!

Got told today that LT says to drink atleast 4 pints of water a day....but the pharmacist said try for 8.........i know i wont be able to do this (im not a water lover) so going to go for 6 pints :)

O ye quick question.....they didnt have any shakers :( so will i just put the shacet into water and stir??? :confused::confused::confused:
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Here we go again!
Good luck for tomorrow. Best to try all the flavours and see which ones you like the best. We're all different.

If you don't have a shaker try to use a stick blender. The shake will have lumps in it if you can't blend or shake it. The lumps are really bad. The stick blenders are only about a fiver, I got mine in Tesco for a fiver.

Hope you sort something out and good luck for tomorrow! Get your first week out of the way and it all gets easier and you really do get used to it. You will really be spurred on by your first wi!


Here we go again!
Some people on here have said when they couldn't blend or use a shaker they have put the powder into a bottle of water, put the lid on and shook like mad. Seems to work in emergencies. You need to make a funnel of some sort to put the powder in though. Try to get a blender or shaker tomorrow if I was you. Good luck!


Here we go again!
Good luck and hope you get it sorted for tomorrow. The first day of the slimmer you starts tomorrow!
Good luck for tomorrow hon!! I bought a shaker from Rowlands they do the celebrity diet and have them for £3! (pink too) ;)
cant you pop out to get one tomorrow on your lunch?? Are you working ?? If not i used to just put it in the cup and stir like mad , try the chocolate one first. At least its chocolate lumps??!!
I can but there isnt a rowlands pharmacy by where i work, the pharmacy over the road doesnt do them, and the pharmacy were i got my shakes from today are sold out! tut!
i think ill be staring like mad haha x
Where do ya work hon?? If i am passing there tomorrow i can drop you one in as there is Rowlands by me! You never know, Liverpool only small after all! x
I am not too far from you honey. If you want i can drop you one off in the morning about 10.30 or 11am! I know how hard it is to do this so no probs at all!!
I honestly dont mind. But not sure about the time, should be able to get out about that time as i have a little boy of 6months so time goes out the window. You can personal message me your mobile no and i will call you when i am outside the Royal, can you pop over the road to the starbucks to pick it up??
No problems hon!! xx You just promise me that your gonna do this and have an amazing week!!! xx

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