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Ready meal fiend

Hey all,

As a new calorie counter, I have to admit that I use a lot of low fat ready meals. I have two children and I cannot deal with measuring out all my own bits and pieces for each meal.

I also tend to eat a lot of cereal. I know I cannot eat this way for life. But for the time being, will it do me harm?

For those of you that calorie count and have busy lives, how do you get on with it?
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I calorie count and have 4 children and 2 young dogs :) I weigh everything initially and always use the same bowls and plates , this means that after something has been weighed once I know how much to have the next time. Or I count for example around 5 standard size new pots are 200 cals etc etc. So now as I tend to have a lot of the same foods I dont weigh each time, unless its something new. I don't tend to eat ready meals , I used to but as I am healthy eating I find that their portions can be quite small and you can eat more if you cook fresh, also there can be a lot of salt and sugar in the ready meals.
A typical day for me is
All bran with semi skimmed milk and a glass of Tropicana
Ham, Tuna, or Chicken salad with a pitta or Mackerel on toast
New pots, Jacket or Rice with Chicken casserole, Chicken Curry or Gammon, fish etc etc with veg.
If I am hungry between meals then I have fruit or a Muller Light
My calories are around 1500 a day.
How pathetic am I, or should that be lazy. I am also thinking about the new baby, cleaning a 5 bedroom house, and allllll the other stuff. Oh I am worried now, LOL!!!

I suppose if I just do simple meals....Can be cheeky and ask for the recipe of that chicken casserole please?
Oh no you are not at all pathetic or lazy, I have put off calorie counting so many times before for exactly the same reason;) But once you get an idea of amounts etc it becomes second nature and not a chore at all. The Chicken Casserole I use is a Jar, I use fresh veg and meat etc but when it comes to the sauces They are always jars, much easier to count that way and of course easier LOL. I think its an homepride Jar its low in fat and calories about 50 per portion (of the sauce) I also use a lot of the spanish chicken (chicken tonight) as that is also very low. Others I would recomend are Homepride Curry as its lower than most of the 'low fat' curry sauces. I also eat quite a lot of Fresh soups, I buy Morrisons own and they work out about 250 for the whole carton which is 2 bowls full and Morrisons do a veg curry in a sachet which only has 160 cals in the sachet so with a jacket or rice its perfect for a quick lunch or supper :) Thats only 39p too.
There is nothing wrong with a ready meal now and again and you don't have to make the whole meal from scratch its just that you will be able to eat more and eat better if you try and prepare your own meals, good luck, take care Jo

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