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Ready to be happy with myself

Many years have gone by and I am still fighting against my weight. After many failed attempts this year and ending up at the same weight as i was when i had given birth to my daughter 2 years ago I finally had enough and went to my doctors. I was always shattered, weak and out of breath, I had gained a stone in a matter of months because I was also feeling sick an hour after I had eaten until I ate again ( if that makes sense). Anyway to cut a long story short test showed an overactive thyroid and a bacteria in my stomach which was causing bad acid reflux. Only a few weeks after I have found all of this out I feel great and back in control again, so here I am to lose 2 stone to finally get into the 9stones's. Its great to be doing more excercise again so along with my new food choices i should be there in no time, thank you for listening
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So heres what I have eaten today, Green day, 28g of bran flakes (hxb) 500ml of semi skimmed milk (hxa X 2) 1 x nectarine, 1 small jacket potato with 2 tesco meatfree bbq burgers ( 2 syns ) 1 tin 400g heinz spaghetti ( did not plan on having the whole tin but was far too nice not too! ) and 1 banana. For tea will be sw chips with 85g gammaon (hxb) garden peas Ketchup 3 tbsp (3 syns) 3 ginger nut biscuits ( 7.5syns ) 1 x activia fat free yoghurt vanilla 1 x peach 2 x hxb2 x hxa 12.5 x syns.Does this look ok? Please feel free to comment, I need all the help I can getThanks
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hey hun just popping by to say well done and good luck were all in same boat so support is something you will never be short off :)

clair xxx
Well last night went completely off the scales and I mean completely. Had dinner and then muched my way through the rest of my homemade buns and biscuits. How guilty did I feel, but if they are in the house then I eat. It followed on today with me eating cheese and crackers aswell.The house is now free of sweet treats so onwards and upwards. It was my fault entirely. I know Im not ready to keep them in the house so I should have thrown them out. So to claw back some syns Im going to try and keep my syns low for the rest of the week and keep my purse at home so I can't buy anything. In a week or so my sweet craving should have calmed down and so will I. Fingers crossed,
Food today, 28g bran flakes, 500ml of semi skimmed milk, 10cream crackers (15 syns not as bad as i thought)with flora lighter than light marg (5 syns) and double gloucester cheese, about 60g of cheese (12 syns) and for yesterday ouch I dare not look Im guessing about 80 syns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help???? no syns for me for the rest of the week. Or do you think I should start a fresh week tomorrow? Thank goodness there is nothing else left my the cupboards
Hi Abidabi

If I was you I would just draw a line under it and start afresh straight away. I think if you try to go "syn free" to catch up you may well feel deprived and go off track, so even if you just have 5syns a day -the recommended minimum -you should feel better.

You know if you get a "cheese fest" mood coming on -if you do a green day you can actually have cheese as a heA AND a heB -so you could get a cheese hit without chipping into your syns -so you could still have a few crackers/spread -even better stick a bit of salad and pickle on there and treat it like a Ploughmans ;)

I found long ago -that like you -if things were in the house I could hear em calling my name, as long as I got home from the supermarket without any "naughties" I was fine ;). I went cold turkey on a lot of things and haven't touched them in 14months -it sounds extreme, but the longer I have gone the less I am bothered by them :D

I hope you get back on track soon and good luck..
Thanks capricorn for your advice. I have been sat at work thinking what to do and I think your right. I just need to be strong. I know that if I get through 1 week I'll be great. I have just made a chart to put on my fridge at home so my hubbie can see how i'm doing. He is always the one to support me but when I give in he is always the one to say you quit again! I am going to prove to him that I can do.
After my hugh blowout I am here to start a fresh. This morning went very well, The little one slept untill 7.45am so got up had breakfast and then I gutted my bedroom. Hubbie was complaining of my clothes venturing into his half of the wardrobe! The cheek of him! 90% of my clothes don't even fit now anyway so put most of them in the attic. They will come back down again when I lose 10 lb, I so cant' wait!!!!!!!!!!! So food for today was branflakes, 7g rasins (1 syn) and milk for breakie, jacket potato, tesco meatfree burgers x 2 (1 syn) and spaghetti for lunch and gammon 85g and sw chips with garden peas for tea ( yes I know again! but we only used half of the gammon last time and is so delicious and cheap) ketchup 2 tbsp (2 syns). i have also has 1 satsuma and a yoghurt which I don't know the syns for so I am putting it at (1 syn) to be on the safe side. It is fat free from netto. They are only 29p for 4 yoghurts, not the best but definatley edable. Just could do with being a bit thicker thats all. We are on a tight budget at the moment. Every penny counts. A glass of rose spritzer tonight I think 125 ml ( 4.5 syns) with diet lemonade. So today total is 2 x hxa (500ml ss milk) 2 x hxb and 9.5 syns. It's so good to be back on track again. has been far too long......
well just checked a post who said tesco meatfree burgers are 1.5 syns each not 0.5. Good job I found out. i must have checked al an old post so 2 more syns today. Total syns 11.5.
Ended up having only 75ml of rose wine so putting it a 2.5 syns and had a slice of 50/50 bread with 1 tsp of flora lighter than life 5 syns for bread and 0.5 for flora. Total for the day 15.
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What a wonderful morning, My friend from Greece text to say she is in Labour and on her way to hospital which is an hour away. Im so excited for her:D It's their first baby. Just wish I was nearer to her but ill see her in the next 6 months im sure. She is british and her husband is greek so they often come over here once a year for a holiday. I just can't afford to travel to see her this year due to me hopefully seeing my 92 year old auntie un texas. I have not seen her for 15 years so am looking forward to that
well run out of sweetner this morning for my bran flakes so what better to replace with as a bacon sandwich!! yum yum
1 slice of 50/50 (5 syns)
5 tsp of flora ltl (2.5 syns)
bacon medalions 54g (part of hxb)
250ml of ss milk (hxa)
4 x crackers (6 syns)
28g double gloucester (hxa)28g bran flakes (hxb)
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