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Ready to come back??


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Hullo my friends
It's been a tough few months
I have been out of control with eating
And my weight had crept up to 12.6
I feel miserable I eat rubbish to make it better ... I am losing control and I hate it
It's like there's this other person inside of me whose only aim is for me to eat as much rubbish as possible ... From takeaways to pizza to aguettes full of. Hicken and melted cheese to packets yes packets of biscuits... I can see myself doing it but don't know how to stop
I weighed myself in the first time in forever today and the reading came as no real surprise as my clothes have been giving the signs on a daily basis
But I know this is a great diet ... I know I can work with it .... I like the variety it offers and I have been improving on the salad front but obv need to cut the carbs. So I have been to tesco for oatbran and fromage frais and loadsa eggs and the other staples that will see me thru the rest of the week on pp.
I am afraid I will fail.
I want this to work more than anything
I hope it's okay to ask for your help and support as I felt it helped so much last time

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Hi smurfette! I was in exactly the same position before I started dukan, eating habits I mean.

Good luck with starting dukan. Was it your first day today? How has it gone? Xx


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hey hun welcome back ....just take it one day at a time you know were here if you need to shout xxx


** Chief WITCH **
Hello Smurfette and of course you're welcome to rejoin us...

Can you pinpoint what went wrong last time? (OK you disappeared, so we had no idea, but it's good to think about and work on what went wrong last time to ensure the same doesn't happen again.)

Good luck with your restart. Did you regain all you'd lost?


Goat herder(ess)
Hi again, Smurfette. As Jo says, it would be good to know where you went wrong last time, so we can try to help prevent that happening again.

Good luck with your re-start.


Silver Member
Thanx all!! Where did it go wrong lasttime... All tied up in a multitude of emotions... Being tired... Fedup with having to try so hard .. Being lonely...

It's clear I have emotional ties to food and everything I have done in the last year has undone all that I had worked so hard at in the previous two years... But in spite of losing loads of weight I still wasn't happy... I was still on my own.. I'm getting older.. Am getting further n further away from hope of one day having a family... And I just gave up! I just figured why am I trying so hard for nothing :(

But I am more miserable now... I look at myself and it turns my stomach... I am good at working out and do hours perday then go home and undo it all by stuffing my face with rubbish. Talk about sabotaging myself.

I am being as honest as I ever been in this statement. I hope that it will enable me to really address my eating issues. I have decided to be honest with myself with everyone this time.

I started well today n had an egg for breakfast fatfree yog n oatbran for lunch with tuna for tea. Did four hours dance training and found 4 biscuits in a cupboard when I got home. I ate them. :(. There s nothing else of the sort in the house. I cannot start this by cheating as I am only fooling myself as it will not afffect anyone else in the world...

Deep breaths feel the fear and do it anyway right xxxx


** Chief WITCH **
Your openness is very touching Smurf and, as you say, it might well be liberating and give you the "click" you need to really get into the plan again and make this your last ever diet.

(As you know, I suffer from similar behaviour myself!)

As ever, I advise emptying those cupboards of tempting treats, filling your fridge (and freezer!) with Dukan goodies, working out your meal plans for a week minimum, and setting a firm start date and working your head around between now and then.

After a period of "eating", it really is a huge relief to be back in "control". (From one who knows - and my last binge wasn't that long ago to have forgotten ;))

Take care and keep posting - through thick and thin :D


Goat herder(ess)
It's a really good thing that you're being completely honest with yourself and starting to understand more about the psychological aspects of your problems with losing weight. Many of us have the same kind of issues so don't feel that you're alone in this.

I think that once you know your enemy (ie, your own particular issues with dieting pitfalls), then you can learn how to defeat it.

There's nearly always someone around on this forum if you ever need a helping hand, Smurfette.


Silver Member
Hi all. I haven't been able to check in for a while but just to let you know I am still here. I would love to say I have stuck religiuosly to the dukan plan but while I have been good I have had a few slips. Still the lbs have fallen a little and I am at 12 stone 2. I have a wedding on Friday and I am hoping to be under the 12stone mark for it. I am flat out exercising for a zumba dance showcase and haven't always had the exact ingredients for dukan but I am getting as low as I can with replacements and am loving my super large eggs in the morning. Lunch is generally fine with a yogurt - fat free natural as often as I can with some turkey/chicken tho the odd rice cake. Dinners are my worst vice as I am short o. Time atthe mo and I have been trying but the slips are here. Anyway I am aware and tryig as much ad I can and know that I am in a better place to regrasp control on the reins of my life. My aim is to make he little changes bit by bit for now
Thanx as always for your kind words and support xxxxx

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