Ready to give up - Any advice please

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by nikinoo, 23 June 2007 Social URL.

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  1. nikinoo

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    I have been doing LL since the end of Feb and I have lost 3 stone and 8.5 pounds and I am very pleased with my progress, however I've hit a brick wall.

    This is the 2nd time I have considered giving up but this time it's worse. I have been cheating on this diet since approx week 3 but have still managed to lose weight, however this is not good and I'm really concerned that my attitude towards food hasn't changed enough to prevent me from putting back on all the weight I have lost once I go back to eating. I still have at least 2 stone to go before I hit my target weight.

    I have been receiving the counselling every week about crooked thinking and boundaries etc but I still cannot resist the temptation to eat. It's almost like a pressure cooker and I think about food all day and then have to eat something when I get home to releases the pressure. I feel better after that but why is this happening.

    I have talked to my counsellor and she thinks it's a patterned behaviour that I've had since a child and I need to break the cycle. The cheating has got progressively worse even though I leave my class feeling very positive. I tell myself all the time no you can't have that until eventually I give in despite all the evidence that I present myself for not eating what it is I'd like to eat.

    I feel that I've had enough and want to go back to eating a healthy diet.

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  3. debz32

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    Hi Sarah - sorry you're having such a tough time...:( has your Counsellor given you any tips on how to break this cycle ?? might be worth giving her a shout mid week as well as seeing her at your sessions....

    You say that you have had enough of LL....and want to go back to eating you feel that you could control what you would be eating and feel comfortable that you would eat in a healthy controlled way ? if so, maybe that is the road for you.....:confused: talk to your Counsellor....

    let us know how you get have done so well so far !


    Debz xx
  4. Eileen

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    Slimming world.
    Hi Sarah i wonder if it would be a idea too join ww or sw to lose the rest of your weight.good luck with what ever you chose.
  5. SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue!

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    Lighter Life

    I think most of us have a tough time on whatever diet route we attempt at one time or another, me included (despite getting to week 13 and being brill, I then binge for 3 days with only 1 stone to go ..... What's that about, SABOTAGE!)

    It is good you have spoken to your LLC, and we all need to appreciate whatever our food demons have been for most of us a fair chunk of our lives, they are not going to fly the next just because we started LL or CD. Once I had eventually pulled my self in with the help of this forum to be honest, I gave myself some space to work out what had happened for me. :devilangel:

    I have rambled about it on my BLOG if want to have a look as well as chatted about it on the forum.

    Are you either at a all time low weight and feel scarred about getting past it? Are you feeling ready to eat? Are people saying how good you look? I know for me I became far too relaxed around food and became complacent as I bought smaller and smaller clothes.

    I notice you have been eating throughout. Your choice and as you say you have still lost a great amount of weight. Either make a choice to be abstinent on LL or perhaps consider CD (or continue as you are!). I think you are right to think about what is going on, but feel confident in the management part of the program where I hope I learn how to cope with food for life.

    Yes I have learned some of the tools now, but I hope there is more. As much as I was sad I ruined my progress for a week with my binge, some important lessons learned for me. Also brought me back to the real world as who is going to eat salad and protein everyday of the year? one that's boring, but two life is not like that.

    I am now rambling even more so will go.

    The message is you have done well on your journey so far, don't give in it's just some weeks are harder than others.

    Keep Posting

    Sam xx :hug99:
  6. katie_oxo

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    Hi Sarah

    Sorry to hear that you're struggling in this way. If you really feel that you can't do without any food would you not consider doing the plan on Cambridge that allows you to eat meals - 790. This would mean that you're still following a good sensible diet plan that would let you lose weight but would also allow you to eat - might be worth considering.

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