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ready to give up


On a mission!
CD just isn't working for me. I've coped with not having food, I haven't cheated once. I've been doing it for nearly 3 weeks and I've lost about 8lbs. I don't understand what I can do to fix it, so I'm ready to throw in the towel.

I'm sick of missing things like being out with my friends when I'm not getting the results that everyone else seems to be.

Sorry to moan and I don't know if there's anything anyone can say.

Hope everyone else is doing well though.
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Hi, its hard when you dont see a huge loss. You really shouldn't compare yourself to other people's losses, after all everyone is different. What did you lose each week? sometimes a small loss can be followed by a big loss, there is a few people on here and thats how there weight goes. Are you sticking 100% to it nothing extra what so ever? Have you been going to the loo? (it weigh's to) sorry!! Why dont you give it another week? Have a chat to your cdc maybe move up to another plan so you can have something while out with friends, it might kick start the weight loss again. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

becky xx


On a mission!
haven't been to the loo much. took dulocux or whatever it's called at the weekend. I've lost about 4lbs a week. It just doesn't seem right when everyone seems to be losing so much more especially in the early weeks. I feel frustrated and sad. Thanks for replying.


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Listen to me Cheekychops, 8lbs is really good, well done for that!!!
After my 3rd WI I had lost a total of 10lbs and seen as some ppl lose that in a week I was really disheartened and it led to me cheating.....

I have come to the realisation that my body is slower than some others when it comes to losing weight and I have now accepted that. I have done a month and haven't even lost a stone yet!!!

Cheeky, hang in there, your results might be a bit slower but at least you're losing right??!! If you were to start putting on then perhaps reconsider.

My advise is to stick with it, at least for 6-8 weeks. If you still feel it's not working then have a rethink again.

If you are quitting CD, have you got another diet in mind??

Good luck with whatever you do though, but hang in there, at least for a little bit longer!!! :D


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Don't give up 4lbs a week is great. What would you lose on any other diet a 1lb a week if you are lucky. It is working for you. Have you done any measuring yet? I know at times it can be very difficult but it does work - give it a bit longer.


On a mission!
Thanks guys, I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself lol. I'll keep going with it.
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Please don't give in yet!
Can I just ask how much water do you drink?Try upping that a bit.
You could always try SS+,it would give you a little bit more freedom,but try not to get disheartened,cause we all lose at different rates...Time4me hasn't been around much recently,but her weight losses were really slow,but she got there and is now maintaining.
Keep it up until at least your next weigh in..you neverr know!Do your clothes feel looser!Also do you drink just before you get weighed cause water is heavy!!


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Hi cheeky,

I am not one of those big losers. I average about 3lb per week. I found it hard when comparing to others and it is really frustrating...BUT... small losses DO add up. My first week I lose 6 lbs, then 2 the next, then 3 the next so at the end of 3 weeks (you say you are nearly at the end of week 3) I had lost 11lbs.

Now, 14 weeks on, I have lost over 3 stone and down 3, nearly 4, clothes sizes. Now only got another 2 and a tiny bit stone to go. I am now so please I stuck with it. Yes, it has taken me longer than some but my body is not the same and I had to resign mylsef to the fact that is might take me longer but I can still get the results I want!

Try to give it a week or too more and see how you go. you might find that at the end of this week you have most another 3 or 4 lbs and that adds up.

8lbso far is great, 8lbs is the same weight as a human head, that is a lot to lose!


Finally a size 12!
cheeky chops i feel the same sometimes. I went to the Foo Fighters the other day with about 10 friends and felt left out so my mate stuck to water with me as eeveryone else was drinking. Just think its only for a short time and once the weight is gone you'll look fab and feel better when you go out!! Im looking forward to going out and not feeling like im the biggest gal there (even bought a size 12 dress ready lol) Keep going and 8lbs is brill!!! Its 8lbs that you would still have otherwise!!!!! Chin up chick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I think I was all fired up for big losses and it's just not happened and now I feel bad. My clothes do feel looser, so that's a plus. I'm away to drink more water and get a grip of myself.
4lbs a week is great :) I totally admire anyone who can do CD, I know I couldnt. If you want quick losses it really is the best way to do it but its not for everyone.

If you do find youre struggling you could certainly look at other options and still lose 2lbs a week easily :) (sorry Dragonfly I have to disagree with your 1lb a week if your lucky statement)

Good luck whatever you decide to do.
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Don't give in, you have still had an excellent loss! I haven't had as big as loss as some other people on here but it doesn't bother me, much.

Everyone is different and those people who have lost loads may have been much bigger than you, or maybe their metabolism is just faster but don't give in because you would not be able to lose the same amount of weight anywhere. Try the ss+ plan and see if adding a small meal can make you feel better.

I also get bunged up and this can make a difference to the losses shown on the scales but just persevere, it will be worth it in the end. And just think how depressed you will be if you give up and put on what you have lost!!! You will be thinking why didn't I just stick to it:mad::mad::mad::mad:
don't give in, hen I was on a vlcd, I would loose no more than 3 and a half each week, I know its hard seeing others loose huge amounts but each lb lost is one less you have to loose, give it a try and if you loose each week it will soon be pounds, when I was due for my period I wouldn't loose one week and the next it was 7 lbs so look long term not weekly but monthly xx

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