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Realistically how much do you want to..


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I am not really going for a actual size but a 'look'. I would love to be able to wear a pair of 3/4 leggings (the ones that end on your high part of your calf) and a vest top and not to look like a beached whale....lol. So if I am a 14 now I would say that is about a 10?

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I'd like to get down to 10 and a half or 10 stone. I think I'd still be a size 14 on bottoms (big hips you see!), but hopefully a size 12 on top
when i got married 7 years ago i was wearing 12/14 on top - to cover my 34e's and 10/12 on top. i will be happy if i can get anywhere near it.
5 years ago i weighed in at 12 stone and was rather chuffed so getting back there - will still be classed as overweight but stuff it i was happy then and did not have high bp so only 1 anda half stone to go


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i really don't know. i automatically went to say a size 10, but now im a little older (32) I don't know how im going to look at that size. i don't want to look old or wrinkly so i'll see how i go.


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I'm 11 stone 10 and a size 12/14 at the mo (I can't believe that!!!!! woo hoo) and would like to be comfortable in a 12. My target is 10st 13 but who knows- once I get there I might drop it a little until I feel comfortable.


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I would love to be a size 14 and drop to about 11 stone 7lb but I have gained a stone since February so would be happy to be back where I was at the start of the year.


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I want to be a size 10. Hoping about 10 and half stone will get me there. I'm 13st 1 at the mo and just starting to get into some size 12's!
Hi Amy, how ya doin?! Looks like we're still on a similar weight loss!! It's quite uncanny that our stats match so much!!! Wow, size 12s!! It's incredible how much bodyshapes can differ!! I'm still in 16s top and bottom (12st 12.5lb) I think it's going to take a while for me to get into 14s, perhaps another stone!

In answer to the original question, my target is 10st 10lb, and a size 12, but like others, I may move the goalposts slightly!! I've NEVER been under 11 stone (well since the age of 17- I'm now exactly twice that age)! I got down to 11st 1lb when I was 22 so it'll be a MASSIVE acheivement for me to be 10 stone anything!! I chose 10st 10lb because that would give me the 3lb leeway either side and still remain below 11st! We'll see!! It's all very exciting!!X


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Hey Heather, I've not had a great couple of weeks weight loss wise so think you have slighly snuck ahead (and are going to beat me to that 3st shiney). Big well done to you though and i'm hoping for another couple of pound tonight!

Yes it is very strange how we are the same height and weight but yet completely different body shapes. I think as I am a dancer and have always been really active I have muscle that is probably quite heavy.

On my first weigh in the lady was quite shocked at how much I weighed compared to what she thought!

Just goes to show everybody is different and our weight loss is a personal journey for each one of us. What is perfect for one, might not be for the next person. Good luck everyone with getting to where you want to be!!


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im 9st13lbs (as of weigh in lastnight :D ) im in between a size 10 and a 12 it depends where i buy clothes from some 10s fit perfect some are too tight and i need a 12

I want to go back to being inbetween an 8 and a 10 and down to 9 stone and when i get to that il decide wether or not i want to go to my target of 8st 7

I just want to feel comfortable in my body again and just be able to go into any shop and always be able to get clothes instead of avoiding shops cause they only do small sizes.

Atm i live in legging as they are comfortable and cheap to replace when they get to big etc but i want to go back to wearing jeans again all the time :D


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I'm only 5ft tall, but I would really like to get down to 9 stone or less, all depending what I look like. I'm aiming for a size 10 and am currently between sizes 14/16.


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I'd like to be 130lbs (9st 4lbs) and an 8/10. That's where I was a year ago and I felt great. When I did SW for the first time I actually got as low as 9st but that was a bit skinny so 9st 4lbs is ideal for me I think. I seem to look thinner than my weight this time around though, because I'm doing more exercise so maybe I;ll even stop at 9st 7lbs. I'll know when I get there!


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I'm 11 stone 10 and a size 12/14 at the mo (I can't believe that!!!!! woo hoo) and would like to be comfortable in a 12. My target is 10st 13 but who knows- once I get there I might drop it a little until I feel comfortable.
How much were you when you were a size 14 roughly. We are the same height. My build is kind of a fat hour glass.
I'd like to be between 8stone 7 to 8stone 12 - still not sure yet!
At present I am a size 10 (I'm only short!), sometimes an 8 on bottom and sometimes a 12 on top (34e).
I never thought that I'd be this weight again, but the last few months have proved otherwise!!!
Good luck to all of you x

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