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Really annoyed with myself...


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Hi Everyone

It's been a while since I posted. Basically after my dad died I never really managed to get it together and ended up eating instead of following LT. This means I've wasted 5 weeks of wonderful LT losses as well as gaining 3 1/2 lbs back - sure it could be worse, but that's not the point. The point is I've been *attempting* to restart LT over and over and failing because the hunger is so strong.

So here I am on my official weigh day and decided to post something to make the start of LT official, so I'd have something to answer to instead of slinking off into a corner with my packet of shortbread (I never ate that before, I have no clue why I started doing it! o_O at least I have developed an intense dislike for chocolate so since being on LT so seems one of my prayers to the diet god have been answered heh :) )

I've reset the counter to week 1 again as I really do feel like I'm starting from scratch but have kept my weightloss details visible because I keep forgetting I've lost 3 stone so far and I seriously should not lose sight of that and the hard work I've already put in else I will end up feeling depressed.

I've promised myself I'll try harder, I'll not give into the hunger and cravings if I can at all help it and hopefully, after the first couple of days I'll be motivated enough to see me through the worst of week 1 until ketosis sets in - oh how I wish for the bliss of having no appetite again hehe

Err.. seems I've waffled rather a lot, sorry about that. I probably won't be in and out that often but I'll be reading all the posts and catching up with everyone. I see mostly new faces here in the forum now, makes me realise how long I've been messing about =/

Hope you're all having good LT weeks!!

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Hiya Cookeh, welcome back. Sorry to hear that you went off the rails a little but then that is not a surprise after all you have been through. Only 3 1/2lbs on thats very good considering - well done on that at least.

It seems a few of us have had difficulty getting back on track, but you are here now and we are all making a determined effort again. You know that we are all here to support you and you can do this - you did so well beforehand there is no reason why you cannot do it again.

Of course the first week is the going to be the hardest but you can get through that.


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Hey Cookeh,,

Nice to see another familiar name. We are here to support you so pop in and visit whenever you can. You know how helpful this board can be!


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wow well done on your overall loss thats fantastic, and 3.5lb is cert not alot in 5 weeks! there is alot of restarters here so best of luck :) u did it once u can do it again;)


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Sorry to hear about your dad, hugs!
Important thing is, you're here, and back on track.
Good luck!


Glug Glug Glug
Sorry to hear about you dad :(. Dont be so hard on yourself. You were going through a very hard time. I certainly would of gone back to food.

But to only gain 3 and a half pounds its great! Y ou will lose that in no time at all :)

Good luck with your restart!


5 stone to go!
sorry to hear bout your loss sweetie but 3 and a half pound is nothng in five weeks dont worry itll be off in no time and youll be back on the banwagon. lost of restarters around the place too. you can do it youve done amazing so far. best of luck and you know where we are hiding if you want to chat!..x


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Thank you so much for all your support, that really does make all the difference. Tonight Im going to go back through the before and after photos on the success thread to get my motivation all fired up again.

I'll certainly keep you posted and it's nice to know that I'm back amongst people who truly understand the difficulties involved in going from eating back to TFR, that makes all the difference.


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Hi Cookeh
So glad you're back lovie! Great to have some familiar names around as well as all the newbies. You've only put on a small bit, so will lose that 3.5lbs in no time.
Keep in touch



Size 14 here i come!
Welcome back and good luck with your first day!


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welcome back
im one of the newbies,this is the best site for advice and support.all the best in your weeks ahead.


I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry to hear about your dad..

Welcome back aboard the forum!

I hope we can all give you as much support as you need xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Cookeh, welcome back. It is good to see you posting again. Don't be hard on yourself, you went through a lot with your Dad's funeral and having to steel yourself to face all the relatives etc. You have been grieving and still are grieving so, of course, it is hard to get focussed on restarting.
Anyway, keep yourself really busy for your first week. Drink loads f water to keep hunger at bay and be nice to yourself(but not with food!!!). Pop on here when your resolve weakens.
You have done so well and will do well this time round.

Little Miss Living

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Hey cookeh, you did so unbelieveably well considering the loss of your dad! Really sorry to hear about that btw! I lost 2 very close people to me in the last year too and had surgery which required alot of steroids so in 9 months i gained just over 5 stone (about 50:50 steroids:comfort eating)!!!! I'm sure the steroid weight gain would've dropped off when i finished my course of them but by the end i had let myself get so depressed about everything that my weight was put on the back-burner! Which was a silly thing to do, your loved ones would want you to be happy and i'm sure they are urging us to succeed in every aspect of our lives! You'll have that gone in a few days on this, and you've done so well already! Wish i'd had similar willpower to return to this sooner too! You really are an inspiration, i'll def draw on your determination when things get tough! Hope your well xxxxxxxxxx


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Aww thank you everyone for your kind words, it means a lot to me to know I have lots of support since I have zero in real life =(

I can't say it's easy for me restarting but am being determined because I know in a few days ketosis will kick in and my appetite will be curbed (or at least I hope it's a repeat of the bliss I had last time!).

I finally managed to get hold of some flapjacks, what a relief. I know when you first start you aren't allowed them straight away but I'm using them from the off this time and I must admit that being able to *eat* definitely is helping me, plus I'm feeling fuller. A sneaky mid week weigh in shows 2lbs off so far in 2 days so that has definitely fired up my motivation, by weigh day I should be down lower that my last lowest WI result and I think from there on in it should be pretty easy so long as I don't lose sight of my goals.

I have 2 rock concerts to go to next month and I'm keeping in mind how much easier it'll be if I can be a stone lighter by then, don't want to be jumping around sweating buckets haha (sorry, not a pleasant visual =p )

In other news, for those here that know me, I've decided that later this year I will take the step to leave my miserable marriage and go it alone, but I MUST get this weight off if I'm to regain my self confidence and not let the fear overcome me.

Thanks again to everyone, I couldn't do it without your support :)


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Hi Cookeh
With you on the flapjacks - I like them for a change too.
Really sounds like you're getting your head around getting back into LT. I know you'll be fine. It's great you're sorting out other bits of your life too. You need to start believe in yourself! You are worth all the effort.

Lots of luck



Cookeh - 3.5 lb pah, consider it gone - you sound in the right frame of mind - so you go girl !!

Everyone will support you - thats what everyone is here for - you know that already.

just out of noseyness- which concerts ??



Recovering Cookie Addict
Thank you Jon and Caren, I really do feel like each day I'm feeling a bit stronger.

Caren - Im going to see 30 Seconds to Mars and Lost Prophets, can't wait!


oh cookeh I feel so old - not heard of either of them - gonna google it !!