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Really annoyed with myself

So I was on exante for 13 days then had an allergic reaction, ended up in hospital & felt so weak I had to have some toast.. Then when I felt a bit better a Chinese.. Then a pub lunch.. Then pizza and chips, chicken fajitas and bacon and mushroom tagliatelle. So the past 5 days I've been saying 'just one more binge then I'm starting back on the diet tomorrow' then clearly binges again.

What is wrong with me?!!! I'm an absolute pig clearly. I'm not even hungry just opened a pack of frazzles because I'm a bit bored and like the flavour.
I was doing well and wasn't even craving food but this stupid allergy made me lose it!!

Please help me get back on the straight and narrow! (& lose these TEN POUNDS I have put on in 5 days)

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Firstly, You are not an absolute pig! We are all here because we have an unhealthy relationship with food, be that through overeating or using food instead of dealing with stress or boredom properly.

I would sit down and write down why you want to do this and where you want to be. Then stick the list on your fridge as a reminder! It will be tough but the end result will be so much better than any chinese or pasta tastes!!

If you get a mental urge to eat try and stop and think about why you are eating. Write it down if it helps - I have a notebook full of mad scribbles! Then go back to your reasons for doing this, read them a couple of times, take a deep breath, have a glass of water and walk away from the food!!

Draw a line under it and start again tomorrow knowing that you are totally worth the effort and you will be so much happier with yourself for not giving in!

And no more name calling to yourself please - unless its something nice!! :D
That's a good idea, I'll give it a go. Just need to get through the first 4 days!! Then should be ok. Early nights then til Sunday. Not putting it off anymore so starting tomorrow.
Will dig myself a notebook out and write down my thoughts and why I want to eat. I should imagine it will go something like this:

- tired, want a mcdonalds breakfast
- bored, want a snickers bar
- stressed, want a cheeseburger
- excited, want a cookie (big millies cookie!)
- upset, want a kebab

And so on.. I eat for every occasion =(



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oh LV, you are not alone in this overeating/binge thing ... as has been said we are all here because of our complicated relationships with food.

Set yourself some goals, and take it a day at a time, or even hour by hour.

Good luck



Working on it
Been there and done it!!! The ladies are sooo right! Make a list and read it to yourself over and over again xxxx
Oh LVP that made me lol - you've got what I've got ....last supper syndrome! It's difficult to get in the zone and discipline yourself, but focus on the rewards - not only a fitter, healthier and bloody gorgeous you, but set yourself some rewards and treats (and lavish yourself with the money you would normally spend on takeaways - that's what I do and it's a shocking amount of dosh!) Good luck with getting back on track xx
Thanks guys! I feel so grotty and bloated from all the stodgy food, it's not like I even feel good for being so naughty!

Today is back to square 1, I'm gonna try so hard to keep on until I get into ketosis and get some energy back!
LVP123 said:
What is wrong with me?!!! I'm an absolute pig clearly.
If I had a pence each time I've asked this, I would be millionaire lol

What worked for me was bribe. Sadly I had to tell myself I would get a treat (non food treat) when I finish my diet.
In my case a petrol RC car, which is like 600 quid.
Everytime I lose a pound, I put £1 in the pot.

No I don't have 600lbs to lose lol but it's towards it to help me motivate ;-)
Just make sure you dont hold on the pounds (lbs) because your skint that week! Hahaha :D

I owe a couple quid to the pot already lol

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