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really annoyed!!!

Well!!! I was meant to be starting CD on thursday(this is my 2nd go at it got pregnant the first time) anyway i was supposed to be seeing my doctor on wednesday so that i could start on thursday now they have changed my appointment so cant start till monday now.
i just really want to get started and monday is aaaaaaaaaaages away!!!!
oh well i suppose it might be better to start at the beginning of the week its just i got myself all psyched up to start thursday!!!!
sorry for the rant!!!!!

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I can understand why you are fed up. When I put my mind to something, I want it when I want it lol

But I agree, monday is a good day xxx
Awww! Gutted for you hun! Its annoying when you put ur mind to something then plans get changed. Good luck for monday. X
just think positive its for a good cause you can do it!
I`d be just as gutted if it were me *hugs

Hoping this week flies by for you Xx


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Yuk, it's a bugger when you get yourself all psyched up and then it doesn't happen. But perhaps you could spend these few days gradually reducing your carbs, so that when you do start you will sail through the run-up to ketosis! Good luck for Monday anyway.

awww disapointment sucks.

As Tinley suggests I would most definately go carb free or low car over the next few days ..that way it is so much easier to slip into ketosis and nothave those hunger pangs when you start next week.


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If like me, you tend to struggle at weekends then Monday is the best day to start.. by the time it comes round to Friday and the weekend, you will be in ketosis and shouldn't be tempted to fall off the wagon...

Well that is what I am hoping for anyway - LOL

Good luck for Monday



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blimmin' doctors!
though Monday is a good day to start as you can do full weeks?
hope time flies :)
Thanks for all your replies guys.
Am feeling better about starting on monday as its a brand new week and mondays is the best day for me to go see my cdc.so all in all hopefully it will be better just cant wait to get started!!!!


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Hi hun x hope you're ok :)

It may be a good thing - I'm a monday WI and it definitely keeps me focused over the weekend which is good. :)

Good luck for starting on monday - you can do it! :Dxx

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