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really bad day 5

Felt so awful wen i woke up :( very very dizzy that i could barely make it to the bathroom! then i got called to go into work and i hadnt even got the energy to get dressed.. i was so about to give up.. so went to the kitchen to find something that would do the least damage.. decided on tuna.. but there wasnt any!!
(thank goodness!)
so i resorted to my shake.. and felt slightly better after it.
Got to work and only had to stay an hour and was typing so only had to sit on a chair then i got up to leave felt slightly dizzy walked down the hill and just fell!
flat on my face!! didnt even have time to put my hands down to save me :( so i bruised and cut my knees! so readyyyyyy to give up!

thennnnnnnnnn, i went into boots for some plasters.. thought i'd do a sneaky weigh while in there.. and it said i was 14stone 4!!

no giving up for me! :D

sorry for the rant!
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I have had days similar to this, Hope you are OK by the way from having a fall? Try get some rest if you can, A fall can shake you up...
Sorry to hear that you have had a Crap day sweetie..It can be tough and I have felt like giving in a few times also :( But sounds like to me that you have kinda come out of it as the day went on and you sound more positive so give yourself a pat on the back :)
You did so well not giving up..Be proud sweetie ;):D
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oh dear, poor thing, i can sympathise with the fall! good for you for sticking to it. just make sure you get lots of rest and water. can you take a few days off at all?
Christiona I hope you are okay and feeling better. You must take it easy the first few days and make sure you get your shakes. I often feel dizzy but always wait till it passes before I move on, using a child for support if necessary! Good job 2 of mine are taller than me!!!!

I do hope you feel better soon, good news about the Boots scales though! Well done!

I am so incredibly proud of you for staying so strong and not giving in! Seriously, when reading that thread I was really worried about how it would end but I'm so happy that you resisted! Feeling rubbish sucks but you'll get through it honey, I know you can x
Gosh = well done! That was a bad day but weigh in just around the corner and I promise when you see the results you will be well motivated to keep going!
thanx for the lovely replies.. sorry im a bit late had an early night! feeling much better today :D:D cant wait for weigh in.. i think now i've passed that really bad day, i fell and hurt all my bones! i been sick twice lol .. it cant get much worse surely? xxxxxxx
Jesus girl!!! you need to get and see a doctor!

Those side effects sound dangerous. Sure we all get lightheaded sometimes but we dont puke and collapse!!

Get checked out sweetie x

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