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Really bad heartburn / indigestion

I've had it since Saturday now and it's starting to get a bit depressing.
At the weekend I'd been drinking, so thought that might have something to do with it (not that it usually causes heatburn for me). Today I've kept to plain dinners and vegetarian foods for easier digestion, but it's still bad.

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I've got it bad but its coz I'm pregnant. Try milk, I'm not sure if gavison has syns but u'll only need a small amount. X
I don't drink milk so there's none in the house. Thanks for the tip though - I might get some tomorrow if it's still bad.

It says on lots of web pages to sleep propped up a bit so off to rearrange my pillows. Bleaugh.
Nope - can't afford quorn this week. Veg and chick pea casserole and jacket potato for tea today. It started after eating a big steak for lunch on Saturday before sitting in the car for a few hours. But then, I didn't feel well in other ways towards the end of the week (headache / dizzy / hot flushes). Because of the contraceptive pill I'm on I rarely get a period, but I've got one now. My body just seems to be rebelling in every way it knows how!
The one time I thought I had heartburn, it wasn't. It was more serious than that. Don't want to worry you, but if it doesn't go away soon you should get it checked.
Yes - I was gong to try bicarb of soda. I had the whole kitchen cupboard out because I was sure I had some, but it was baking powder I was thinking of.
I shall get some bicarb today - it's handy to have, and cheap too. (Although hopefully I won't get it today).
Coffee gives me terrible heartburn, I try to restrict my intake.
I chew tablets, any type, whatever I have!
I'm not sure on gaviscon syns but if I need it I would take it.
Hope you feel better soon. xx
Feeling better now. After thinking about it, I realised that the main thing I'd eaten that I usually avoid was bread. (Only Nimble, and as one HEx each day). No more bread since then. No more heartburn either. Hmmm.


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Bread is evil :D I love it, but it doesn't love me any more, so I try to avoid it at all costs. Except for toasted wholemeal bread which is fine. Have you tried toast?

I have only noticed this since doing SW though, which is weird.

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