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Really bad TOTM pains, but Im mid cycle, Is this typical on CD?


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Just wanted to say that I have been on CD for 9 weeks now and my cycle has only now settled down and gone back to its regular routine (pill taker):sigh:

Hope you feel better - it will sort itself out I promise.:)
I have not had a TOTM for over a year now due to my coil but from day 2 of this diet I have had just a very light one!! Im glad its not just me :)
hey - iv been on the pill for just over 4 years now n my cramps wer fine.....but now... grrr it feels like the times when i wasnt on it and not only that but i like to retain water aswell so i get all worked up about that aswell!! lol it reali does suck!!! but hey the totm sucks neway whether it hurts or not...sometimes i wish i was a man...for that reason and the reason that they loose weight easier but you no what i dnt think id want to be ... and i will keep any sexist comments about a mans intelligence to myself..haha


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Hiya, I am into my 3rd week of SS, and I have been continually on since week 2. Mine is quite heavy though. I take the continuous pill so theoretically shouldn't be having them!!

It isnt unusual to have changes to your menstrual cycle. These should settle down though as you continue with the diet.
Have a word with your counsellor when you see him/her next and take pain killers to help the pain. There is no point suffering. xx


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Could be ovulation pains, I notice that when SS I tend to get more painful OV pains. I do also find that I don't suffer any pains during TOTM though!

Hope this helps.

H x

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