really cross with ME


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I have had quite a bad day today, not with the diet but just with life you know how it goes at times. anyway while i was making my crisps from CD pack i have eaten a rich tea and some crips and a little piece of bread arghhhhhhhhh what is wrong with me, this is only day 4 and i am doing so well i just can't understand it. Not sure what to do should i leave out a pack to compensate or should i just carry on. At the moment i feel like sticking my fingers down my throat to get rid of it.

Lots of love Busy XX
Its happened forget it and just carry on! Have an extra few glasses of H20 to wash the rich tea and some crisps and a little piece of bread away and DO have the pack.

Tomorrow is another day....

Kamilla xx
DONT PANIC!!!!! :)

Forget about it and move on. Just remember how you feel now and get back on track.
I've eaten and then got back on track - it makes things harder but it doesnt mean you've failed!!

Just keep thinking about that first weigh in - it'll all be worth it!!!!
Have the pack and pretend it didn't happen!! If you deprive yourself of your pack you'll be hungry and eat even more!

You haven't eat a lot, but be careful of the temptation in future...

Good luck, stay strong!! You're doing good!
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself! You're only human after all!

Think of what you have acheived so far:
you decided to begin this journey and make a commitment to it
you have lasted 4 days before this slip up (well done!)

If you are too hard on yourself it will only make u want to eat more! Just acknowledge it's happened and think of how it made you feel as soon as you did it! These feelings will help you avoid making the same mistake again!

And don't be tempted to stick ur finger down your throat- just learn from it and move on!

Good luck with getting things back on track!

if u need a chat... if ur struggling..catch me on msn
[email protected]

I am full of contageous enthusiasm at the minute! :)

Be strong and remember the good... learn from the mistakes!

BE POSITIVE! It's the key to success!
Hi Busy,
It is not the end of the world or the end of you being good eather,just forget it,as they say pick yourself up,brush yourself of and just carry on.
Do not miss out a pack as you will be hungry later and will miss out on all the bits your body needs,
As has been said have a nice long drink,you have already given yourself a good talking to so take notice of yourself and just do not do it again,
How did your CD crisps turn out after all that??????????
Lots of positive vibes coming you way.
love libbie x
Hi Busy,

Some very good advice here and try to put this behind you and keep going and not let the chatterbox get the better of you.

Your doing great:)

Love Mini xxx
Thanks you guys, i am trying to put it behind me and move on, have decided to have my packs, i am sure I haven't done too much damage have to wait until friday to find out. I am weighing a day early because i am going away for the weekend. Am really hoping to be 12st and 7lbs for my weekend away which was my goal 4 weeks ago before i went completely dolally and ate and ate lol. Anyway fingers crossed for me to get to where i want to be. Thanks again everyone for your kind words of support and encourgement.

Love busy XX
hey busy 1111

Im looking for youy Mrs i am on msn will dish out drews dinner if your up for a wee chat at 6.45

Andrene x
Ok so i've eaten today too. Lets get back on this together. We can do this.

Pm me anytime. my msn is [email protected] too if you fancy a chat. :)