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really depressed don't know what to do!

I lost 10lbs first week and then last week i just went off the rails altogether i could really kick myself it was not just a day or 2 was the whole week , did not re-feed at all so the 10lbs straight back on. im just so low, really low guys. starting tomorrow again but as you all know the head has to be in the right place - will i get there that's the question...........
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Forget last week, tomorrow is a new day. Start afresh and give it your all x
sitting here crying Bev to be honest just feeling awful what a waste!!! Im reading all your stories and weight losses to give me inspiration....
Hello AngelaG!

Like Determind Bev said start fresh & give it ur all.

Dont beat yourself up for what you did before..its not worth it..there has been days im @ my lowest trust me..but when I feel like that I tend to tell myself why am I doing this diet..what is the main purpose..:)

Good luck..if you want to chat on here im sure there is a lot of people here to help..dont be depressed..chin up..
Hey AngelaC

Dont beat yourself up too much. Just think of it as a lesson learned.

After all not trying and giving up altogether is the failure.....we will all have set backs - thats life. But you're starting again and you know how you have messed up so you can watch for the signs and just remember how good you felt seeing those pounds off.

Best of luck:vibes:You're not alone
Hope ur feeling positive today!
Onwards and upwards girl, although the scales will go downwards lol x
come on!! you can do it!!

I've been in the same place as you - lost 13lbs!!! then had a "wobbly" and all back on! but I'm back again!! Its like attempting to ride a bike - you fall off a couple of times, but then, you do it!!! and you dont fall off!! so just try to think positive - and if you do fall off, get straight back on that bike!! come on - you can do it!!

I've got the same amout to lose as you do!! lets do this together!!

we're all here to help and support each other - we all know how hard it is!! but just look at how amazing some of the lipotrimmers have done!! and think - you can do that too.

jane xxxx


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Think of why you chose LT in the 1st place. Are those reasons enough for you to pick yourself up and carry on? To basically say 'this' is why i am using LT and for these reasons i will stick to it regardless of how my mind tries to stop me! You can do it!
girls what can I say ...... thank you all from the bottom of my heart you don't realise how much you got me through last night ....... back on today 100% and I and WE CAN DO IT. So determined and i WILL NOT fail this time. Loves and hugs to you all x x x x x x x
Thats the spirit Angela good luck to you x
Make a new start. Forget the past but learn a lesson from it. Ive realized if I nibble even a bit on Any food it brings back the hunger. So I stay well clear of even having a morsel or less
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Ok really peed off with myself:mad:

Had a really stressfull day culminating in an arguement with my mam over my babys christening next week - fell off the wagon and eat 2 ribs:( and didnt drink enough water at all especially since I spent the day crying out any water I had:eek:

But back on it 100% today and determined to keep on. On the plus side have lost 7lb since Monday according to my scale.

I suppose we are all
going to have crap moments but hope next time I dont cave in again - even though the ribs tasted nice I still felt so crappy about eating them it wasnt worth it.
Just hope I havent set ketosis back too far:wave_cry:
zero - in the grand scale of things 2 ribs won't put you completely back to square one. Chin up hun if i can come back after a week of stuffing myself then you can. Let's keep each other motivated x x x x

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