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Really fed up mood is it.....

Sorry you're feeling so down. Maybe you need some time just by yourself. I find that if I just get away even a long walk in the fresh air it can help make me feel better.

Hope you're feeling better soon!
I get really grumpy if I want summat I can't have- like 24 packs of crisps lol. I feel really angry and deprived BUT today I managed to distract myself with emergency crisps and a good talking to! Keep going, it will be worth it xx

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I've had a rotten week: Found out OFSTED would be in (Wed & Thurs) on monday, So in work til late on monday and tuesday and in EARLY wed and today, fights with husband (little things), OFSTED (got seen and am merely satisfactory), parent's evening (6-8 today) and it's only fricking Thursday, so teach a full day tomorrow. I'm so KNACKERED and fed up and thought my obs went really badly so stress ate an entire pineapple & 2 apples. I'm fed up, but gotta prep for tomorrow's lessons. *cries*
OFSTED is now over, thank all that is holy, just a full days teaching tomorrow- ending with my hardest class... but, I think we've done well as a whole, so IT'S ALL OKAY!
Thanks Jules and I'll send some your way too!! :)
:)I used to work in a Link Club and nursery so understand the pressure of OFSTED. We had random inspections so didnt know when they were coming, suppose in a way its a blessing! I so understand the stress but its over now, just keep focused, you will so get there

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