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Really fed up this evening arggggggggg


I want to be fitter again
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Sorry but I need to rant (never ranted on here before ) My size 6 friend (hate her already ) invited me over to her house for dinner and to watch a DVD. She asked me on the telephone what i am allowed to eat on my diet. So we agreed on chicken lots of vegetables and new potatoes. She has been a nurse for many years like myself, so knows about nutrition.I nearly cried when she dished up chicken Kiev with veg. I started picking at the veg and they were swimming in butter also. Sadly since doing SW I have learnt that if i go above 6 syns even once in the week, I put on weight and my C has advised me to keep them to 5.(No flexible days for me ) I am going to a wedding next week and I feel I have undone this weeks good eating. Tips please to get me back On track by weigh in on Wednesday. I have downed so much water since being home i will probably be on the loo all night. Sorry to sound off but i have been so conscientious with this diet for the past 6 weeks and now i feel like ****:mad::(:confused::cry:
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ok first thing is do not let it get you down! draw a line under it and say ok cant help that but wil be good from now on.i went to a friends last night and she had not got diet drinks and had nothing diet friendly!
but its over with and i cant let it get me down as then i will be more likely to binge.
so im having a few SE days,why not try that?
dont drink too much water as sometimes it can end up bloating you.
iv decided to not have any syns for the next few days.anyway hope this helps.
you are doing great hun and a having a few more syns in a day is going to happen a few times in life! i guess we just have to accept this haha


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How frustrating! Surely as a nurse she should know what healthy eating consists of? Apparently not!
I would draw a line and carry on regardless, be careful with your syn and as LH says try SE or just have lots of superfree food, you may get a pleasant surprise! It has been known. Good luck.


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Unfortunately we all have these times where well meaning friends and family feed us the wrong foods or try and tempt us off the sw path. My mil has done this where she has cooked what she states is a sw shepherds pie only to find that the potato contains cheese and butter. Then when I say I really shouldn't have this she will say 'oh it wont hurt this once!!!!!' lol. So at a different time I actually had a quiet word with her and explained very nicely that I need to follow sw correctly for it to work and explained about hidden syns and asked if she would mind making me one with no butter or cheese in the potato in future.

If your friend asks you to dinner again all you can do is ask her not to use butter on your vegetables and explain why. She can still add it to hers for her meal or offer to cook a meal at yours sw style and let her see that sw meals can be just as tasty just without the calories.

All you can do now though as the others have said is draw a line under it and move forward and don't let this one day ruin the rest of your week. Have a couple of days of less syns if necessary. You have have done a great job so far. xx
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i hate thin friends, seems like all they eat is rubbish!! my best friend is a size 6 too and all she eats (but only when she does eat) is cheese and cake. its seems like heaven until you realise they only have a few bites of eat a day. i know what i would rather have. like everyone else has said, draw a line under it and carry on

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