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Really fed up :(


Having a mid-life crisis
As title really!

I'm in week 5 and this feels like the first time I've really struggled (apart from the first week).
My stomach is rumbling. I'm fed up :(
I sat and watched DH and the kids have a KFC earlier!

I am not going to eat anything but seriously, I'm just so bored now. Need a moan :( (sorry)

I'm fed up at work of being grilled over why I haven't had anything (I haven't told anyone at work that I'm on LT) and having to lie or make excuses as to why I'm not eating. I'm getting lectured by people who think I'm starving myself (cos they don't see me eating). I can't make the shakes or the soups up at work so I tend to have shake in the morning then the next one when I get home.

Finally, the kids are out overnight so its just me and DH. We obviously can't go out for a meal or anything, feel like he's being punished too. Yet my sensible head knows that I'll have lots of time in the future to go out for meals and so on, when I'm slim.

Sorry to moan, it seems so silly :(
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must lose twinny belly :)
(((((((((((()))))))))))) welll done for getting to week 5 snuggle up to ya fella with a dvd hun x


Having a mid-life crisis
I know I'm being silly, and also throwing a tantrum cos noone's noticed any difference in me either :( I mustn't look any different yet clothes fit much better!


5 stone to go!
ow sweetie i know its hard.. just keep going and people will notice the difference..promise!!.. what im doing is perposly hiding under baggy clothes..i dont want anyone to notice until i can wow them lol!...
im sure the dh understands but yeah y dont you have a nice cosy evening in with a movie and cuddles.. with such busy lives its good to have a nice time out and appreciate each other even more... maybe even take a bath and have an early night...remember after the rain comes the sunshine.... the good days always follow the bad..x


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im sure its very frustrating but stick with it, your gonna get there and everyones mouths will drop open at how good you look! i'm sure u do look different, people are a little weird wen it comes to making comment on peoples weight, have a nice night in and cuddle! u dont need food to have a good time. :)
ahhh, lovie. I know how awful it feels at times like this but, hang on in there. We are so conditioned to think that we can only have a good time if food is involved?
This is a very hard programme to follow and people who are not involved in it, just cannot understand our mind-set. Come on here for a group hug any time you want !!! x


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Hi lovie
I'm sure we all feel like that sometimes, but look at your losses-they're fantastic and you know it will be worth it in the end.
Hope you're feeling better today.



Otherwise known as Jools
Hang in there sweetie - you are so close to goal.


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To be honest, if work colleagues think you're starving yourself as they aren't seeing you eat then they probably think commenting on your weight is the worst thing they could do!!
Maybe confide in a close friend and see if their reaction. It's quite possible they've noticed the loss but haven't wanted to fuel any perceived eating disorder!!
Well done you!!
Keep it up. I'm sure your OH is more excited about the new you & your confidence being boosted than a meal & drinks.


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I completely agree with Louise - people are cagey about commenting on weight loss sometimes. You are doing great and very nearly at goal - well done you! :)


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Don't ever apologise or feel silly for expressing how you feel in here sweetie. We're all in the same boat and know exactly what you're going through.

Do not let other people influence you. You're doing this for you and no one else. They don't matter. Don't let them sabotage your hard work.

Keep thinking of the slim, happy, healthy you. Keep reminding yourself of how proud and fabulous you'll feel once you've reached your goal.


Having a mid-life crisis
Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your lovely posts :) I feel so much better today.
You are so right Louise about people probably not commenting if they think I'm not eating anyway.

I think I will hide under big baggy jumpers until the spring, hehe ;)

Although I did go shopping today and bought some skinny jeans...another stone off and I might have the confidence to wear them lol!