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Really fed up :(

I weighed myself today and only 5lb off:( I know thats a good loss but I've lost more than that in my first week on other diets that aren't so extreme.

I really needed the boost of a big loss I think, close to giving up now :cry:

and I'm sure I'm not in ketosis, I have no symptoms!
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5 lbs is a big loss it's easy to be complacent reading others huge losses! I bet you just won't have the week 2 or 3 slow down that others get just hang in there for at least 3 weeks at 100% n you'll be pleased you did! Then I bet you'll average just as well as those that have huge losses in week one!
5lb is loads !! people who loose loads in their first week are those who eat a lot of carbs and retain a lot of water ... it also means that when they start eating again , and add carbs , they are more likely to gain more ...... I normally loose 12-14 lb in week 1 .. but I gain 7lb as soon as a carb passes my lips .. so not always a good thing !!! If you were on a low calorie diet or didnt eat a lot of carbs before starting then your first weeks loss wont be so big , but NO other diet ( except removing a limb ...) will give you the weekly losses that a VLCD does ... please dont be upset
Thank you :eek:

I've realised I was already in a sensitive mood before I weighed so I probably wasn't going to be happy whatever the result.

:eek: It's not my official weigh in day until tomorrow anyway so maybe i'm being a bit silly.

Thank you ladies :)


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Dont give up hun, keep going!! :)
You might feel fed up now but you will feel even worse in a few days if you give up.
it really does get easier, i know everyone say's it as when i first started i never thought it would get easier but i promise you it does! :)
Well done you should be very pleased! 5lbs is the equivilent of 2 and a half bags of sugar gone forever off your body! :) x
We all lose around 3.5lb of FAT in our first week on a VLCD ... anything more than that is the glycogen stored in your liver, muscle and fat cells (glycogen is how excess glucose is stored in the body as reserve energy and has water molecules attached so is heavy and what we mean by losing water weight in the first week).

If you've had a diet fairly heavy in carbs prior to the VLCD then there is more glycogen to deplete and you lose a LOT of weight in the first week - so nobody is losing 12lb of fat - they're losing roughly the same fat as someone losing 7lb but they just had more glycogen to start with.

Hope this helps make you feel a little better about your fab 5lb loss :)
Thank you everyone, your all wonderful!

I messed up yesterday but I'm back on it now.

Thanks russian doll, that explanation really helps, I was on a very carb heavy diet though as I'm a veggie, I must just be an odd one!!

I'm fine now, thank you so much everyone x

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