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Really gotta do it this time!!!

Good morning to you all,

My name is Claire, i'm 27, live in Southampton with my boyfriend and i'm a science teacher.

I lost nearly 4 stone on WW about 4 yrs ago and have since put about 2.5 stone back on. :hitthefan:

I feel worse with every pound which creeps back on.With 2 weddings this summer :sigh2::love047: and plans for a 2 weeks holiday at the end of the summer hols i would like my bikini bod back!!!

So i've gone round my kitchen, finding out the points for what i normally eat. Since living together my partner and i cook most of our dinners from ww cook books. :candledinner: I think my big falldowns are biscuits, takeaway, cake and cheese! :eatdrink012: Oh and a serious lack of exercise! :whacky068:

A couple of my friends go to a bodycombat class, so i am going to get back to that tomoro (anyone know how many bonus points you earn for an hour of bodycombat?)

Feel free to follow my progress, any assistance/advice/encouragement will be greatly received. :cross: My first mini goal will be getting on the scales tomoro morning!

Claire xxx
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depends on your weight Claire, if you multiply 0.0008077 by 60 x how many lbs you weigh, then round it down to the nearest half a point, then you will know how many points it is :)

welcome to the boards btw.. i'm training to be an ICT teacher so know how hard it is to put yourself first when you have so many other things to be thinking about! xxx


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Welcome Claire and best of luck with WW.

You did very well the last time losing four stone and I am sure you will again, looks like you are all ready to go.
Wow, can't believe 8.5 points for an hour of bodycombat, i know it is a mega work out, but that is amazing!!! Thanks for the quick feedback. Just planned out my weeks meals and on paper it looks good, so fingers crossed that i can stick to it!


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Good luck for your weightloss, the forum is a great place for support.
I was amazed how many activity points you can get, haven't managed to get any yet though :D
Thank you for your kind welcomes, i can tell this forum will be a massive help, particularly when i am trying to avoid the biscuit tin at break time!!!
Monday 1st March

Well got on the scales this morning, thankfully had only put a pound on in the last couple of weeks since i was last on them! Got 36lbs to lose to get to goal weight, aiming for 7lbs a month, fingers crossed!

Breakfast - 40g Weetabix mini + Milk 4.5pts
Break - 3 x rich teas + banana 3pts
Lunch - Ham Pitta, cup a soup, 2 satsumas 3pts
Snack - 3 x Golden crunch cream biccies 5pts
BODYCOMBAT 8 bonus points (i think!)
Dinner - WW recipe for Sesame Chicken with noodles and stir fry veg 3pts

BANKED 2.5pts yay!!
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Tuesday 2nd March

Ugh aching this morning after Body combat last night, just wanna be back in bed!!! Have a horrible feeling about today, since i did so well yesterday, go figure!! So am going to have to stay strong and avoid the dread biccie tin. :p

I'm trying to give up smoking too, have cut out my 'on the way to work' one and this week i am trying to quit the 'after dinner' one. So far so good!!! :D

Today's food:
Breakfast - Sainsburys balance + milk + banana 4pts
Break - Highlight, Ham pitta, crisps,
Custard cream 6.5pts
Lunch - cup a soup, satsuma, bourbon biccie 2.5pts
Dinner - Burger in bun, chips, salad 8pts

Gonna go 1 point over with a couple of rich teas!

Gonna have to be super strict tomorrow, got parents evening, so will be at work til gone 7, must go prepared!!!
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Ah thanks!

Am currently starving!!! I find breakfast to breaktime really hard (6:00-11:00) :sigh:

Just had a cadbury's highlight, anyone know the points for one of those? Tell you what it's definately not as nice as the cadbury's choc spread - lush!!! Dread to think what the points are in it tho!!! :cry:


is going to loose!
Be strong and have some more hot drinks perhaps, like green tea or a black tea? a banana even.

Remember you have planned out your daily food and it is achievable. Otherwise eat what you feel like and do some more exercise to compensate? Even though you are in pain..... sorry for the reminder hun. I find the WW water flavouring really helpful.

Have a lovely day I am off to bed on this side of the world.

Uh, just added lunch and totalled up my points so far today. I thought it was going to be awful because i have had 2 biscuits!!! But am very happy to find i still have 8 points left, phewy. Gotta say tho this has motivated me to ignore the biscuit tin that is sitting right next to me and hold out for my tea later - WW burgers, chips and salsa, can't wait!!!
Keep going !! you can do it:)
I too did ww and put weight back on, I'm really trying to stay motivated, its hard but we have both done it before, stay focused and it will all work out Good luck to you!!!!
Are you making those burgers yourself? Sounds lush
Oh they were lush!!! 250g Mince, red pepper, onion, 1 egg, mustard, 2 slices of bread (crumbed). Make 8 patties and dry fry. Serves 4. 2.5pts per serving. Had in a roll with homemade chips yummmmmm!!!!
mmmmm they sound gorgeous! going to nick that recipe :D cheers! x
I was amazing, thank god cos we've got 12 more burgers going in the freezer, lol!!!

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