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This is it... I’ve had enough!

Right so today the diet starts! I’ve had enough and it has got out of control. In 2016 I was 15 stone when I started (and failed) losing weight. I have avoided weighing myself since.... but now I am a shocking 18 stone 10. WOW! I have never been so heavy, not even whilst 9 months pregnant. Urgghh.

I want to lead a healthier lifestyle and gain my confidence back!! So TODAY, not tomorrow or Monday, is the day. My plan is low carb healthy eating. Bye chocolate, crisps and takeaways. Target is 2 stone 10 by Christmas.

Wish me luck.... I will be updating often, to keep myself motivated!! C x
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Dolly Rocker

Gold Member
Yeah it's understanding that you are in this for the long haul and it isn't a quick fix no matter what plan you are following.

Even when I get to goal weight which I will be this year its still gonna be a challenge maintaining - never ending really!

But we will get there.

This forum is amazing for support so it is, I don't know what I'd do without it really.
You’ve done great, I can see you’ve lost 5 stone? How long has it taken you and what ‘diet’ have you followed?
And I posted on here as it should hopefully give me a little more motivation to log in and post progress etc

Dolly Rocker

Gold Member
Yup as of this morning I've lost 5st 3lbs since mid April.

I'm doing Exante which is a meal replacement and usually 1 meal a day. It's working so well but the real challenge will come with maintaining for me.

Once I get to goal weight I am going to keep on a low carb high protein diet and monitor my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal.
That’s fab!! In 2011/12 I did Cambridge and slim n save and lost 7 stone. I kept it off for months without any issue at all until I became pregnant with my son in 2013 and piled it on. But definately at fault as I just ate so much rubbish!! I remember maintaining by doing 2 days of meal replacement a week and the rest just having what ever really. But that’s definately not ideal long term it is all about the healthy eating as a lifestyle. Hopefully 5/6 months I’ll be where you are now :) C x
A little update, yesterday went well I stayed very low carb. I had an omelette and avacado for brunch and chicken and bacon for my tea.
Today I’ve had a couple of boiled eggs and some pork scratchings and plan to have fish and veg for my tea. And lots of water! I have also bought some ketostix to check when I am in ketosis. Feeling positive, but it is only day 2 and I tend to truffle around the 6/7 day mark. If I can get through 2 solid weeks I know it will be a lot easier for me. Holiday booked for next May and I won’t be the fat whale by the pool :eek: C x