REALLY hard day


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Hi everyone

REALLY struggled today, ive had a world of temptations thrust before me!

I work in Marks and Spencers Food halls and the temptation to eat was immense!

I drank a bottle of water and pushed through it

My brother insisted i eat half a bacon and sausage sandwich, i put it in my bag and my partner eat it for his lunch!

I had a nap this afternoon and woke up STARVING

I was this close to cooking mushrooms, i drank a massive glass of water and pushed through it!

Determined not to let it get the better of me!

I am in the best frame of mind ive ever been, I know sometimes i like to point out the negatives (sandrab lol)

But its not me seeing the worst or fight the diet, its me weighing up the pros of cons of a situation!

Im more determined than ive ever been to get this weight off, my problem is i REALLY dont look my weight, i carry it really well. So when i see my waist and torso shrink a wee bit i get it into my head 'Oh its alright i can take it easy a bit now i look alright'!

But i cant do that i need to push through all these barriers!

Lats nights boiled chicken set back im hoping was just a one off!

TBH i could have eaten a million times worse

THANK YOU for your continued support and i will be posting here daily!
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Hi David, just read your chicken post and I agree you could have done a lot worse. The fact is that we all struggle with cravings and sometimes it's better to have a bit of something you fancy than to keep going and have a total blow out binge! BUT the important thing is not to let it become the beginning of a slippery slope and you seem to be back to 100% today so well done.

I've not read any of your other posts (sorry) but how long do you plan to be on LT and what are your goals? Focus on lots of small goals and you'll be there before you know it. Keep focussed and determined, stop looking for ways to "cheat" and you'll be fine... apparently being on LT is the easy part... maintaining your loss is where it gets tricky but we've always got to keep this thought in the back on our minds "I never, ever want to do LT again!!"

Good luck! xx


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That's the spirit David! This is a far more positive post than the others you've made........what a nightmare working in M&S foodhalls:eek:you really are going to need some willpower!

If you can get through another week and into ketosis (you should be by now?) then the hunger really will just vanish and life will become a whole lot easier........and the rewards of being fit and at a healthy weight will make it all so worthwhile. I found that after week 3 I barely gave the diet a second thought, honestly :D

Btw I'm not really such a hard-faced 8itch! But I am quite good at recognising when people just need a bit of a kick up the ar8e to motivate them!


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Good on you David!!!!

Now if you could just ask your brother and the other half of his bacon and sausage sandwich, to swing by the forum so that we can all tell him what he should do with his butty...

I remember last time I did this diet, the number of people who either said I shouldn't be doing it, or tried to make me eat stuff as I couldn't possibly survive on liquids alone! Oh and my mother who asked me every time she saw me "have you had your shake?" They drove me insane the lot of them!!! Funnily enough when I'd lost three stones they all wanted to know more about the diet and were amazed by my results.

The thing I keep telling myself is that I'm doing this diet for myself. It's me that wants to lose weight. It's me that wants to buy clothes in sizes I haven't been in for years. And it's me that will kindly tell all these friends who think they're helping, that actually they're not and although I am grateful for their concern, I know what I'm doing.

I have just survived day three :) and a trip to the dentist :(


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Oh and M&S foodhall has a lot to do with my weight gain. I'm never out of there!!!

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David, well done for getting through the day. Feel proud of your achievement as it is not easy given where you work.
Don't kid yourself on not looking your weight, you may not look it but your heart and other organs sure do feel it. I used to try and rationalise my inability to deal with increasing weight using the same logic.
Do this for yourself, you have no idea how fantastic you will feel when you drop the first few stone. It is the best feeling ever.
As for those around you who encourage you to eat, politely but firmly tell them that lipotrim is a medically approved and supervised diet and that you want their support in what you are doing not any attempt to help you cheat.
Stay strong, one day follows another and keep up the water. It will be your best friend for the next few months!