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Really missing crisps .....help!


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Oh poor you. Believe or not I craved apples! I didn't realise just how many I eat, lol.

What about making yourself some parmesan crisps? Use a vegetable peeler & grate little piles om to a baking sheet & bake. Very tasty with salt & pepper :)

Just remember, you're 13lbs lighter, that's got be better than eating crisps! x
you could make a substitue....cheese crisps!

grated cheese blobbed onto a baking tray and grilled, watch them closely, when all melted and bubbly remove and cool.....now bad.

i DID crave crisps, anything savoury, doritos and pringles.......mmmm

i eat scratchings or pork crunch and it takes away the cravings a little (eating out of a bag) but to be fair, ive got over it and dont crave now.

worth no crisps for losing weight :D
there you go wiggy, advice already. LOL.
Yes Stephen, but who can eat pringles without eating the whole tube, not me and that's for sure mate ;)
The others have already given good advice. I ws just gonna chirp in with the pork scratchings bit. you get the same crunch and because you're eating out of a bag it feels the same.

DOn't stray! You've done so very well already so just keep strong -crisps wont make you feel as good as continuing.

Hey Missy I tried the cheese under the grill, However I think i must have taken them out too soon because they did not crisp up. They were like soft spiders webs. I shall try again lol!

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