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Really need cheering up :(

Sorry to fill the forum with this but i really need some cheering up..

I was so happy and hyper yday but today I dont know whats happened... been tired all day again and even ended up going to bed a 6pm cus i thought it would be better than being awake right now... then i couldnt sleep :(

I have my first weigh in tomorrow so im really worried..

I hate the fact that i live next door to a chippy as well lol.. all i see if people walking past my window enjoying their chips.. damn them! :p
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I have a chippy 50 yds from me as well lol good innit. Cheer up, and by the way you will have a good wi tomorrow so stop stressing xxx


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Aww cheer up hun, you will be on top of the world after your WI tomorrow i bet! Have a nic hot bath, worked for me xx


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why dont u look for the joke thread within the forum? it should cheer u up a bit!! or try some online window shopping at all the beautiful things ur gonna wear when u loose the weight!


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Oooh the shopping should do it! xx
yeh i agree, have a look at a few websites a pick out an outfit you'd wear if you were at your target weight..think ill do that myself now lol! great before and after pics fattothin :)
You won't get to where you want to go if you only travel on the sunny days.
just found this quote on here and thought how appropriate it is to us all when we're on a downer :)


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Very good point!! xx
Great Quote!!

Im currently looking on a few sites.. i graduate in July so im gonna get an outfit that i want to wear there.... that should be a good target to aim for!


Says it as it is!!!
Good Luck tomorrow for your WI hun x x
;)thats a brill quote !! and very apt for a lot of things in life eh?? we all seem to experience rubbish days eh ... you just have to find the thing that lightens your mood .. sometimes it really is as simple as an early night! ... but online window shopping occupies my time just nicely ... in fact not feeling to happy myself after only losing 2lbs on weigh in so will do a bit of window shopping .. then bed ... tommorrow is another day eh....sharon x :)
yeah go shopping and buy some of my things ive just listed on ebay lol xx
When do u think would be the best time to go for my WI? around the same time as i did for my start wi last week? or in the morning?
morning every time babe
I would say same time hun although morning is best i guess! I went at 2pm every week and had same routine..toilet etc!! Didnt have my 2nd shake until i came back xx
dont drink or eat and dont forget are pre WI poo xlolx
Whatever time you go hun make surecan go at te sametie each week! If you go early but then late next week you may appear heavier as you will have had shakes etc xx

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