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Really need your help.... :(

Hi everyone,
My name is Ali. I am new to posting on this forum, however have been reading this and getting lots of support and encouragement from your threads since starting this WLP in July '09.
I managed to lose 3stone and 13lbs last year, going from 15.13 to 12 stone, a size 22 to a small 16 and I felt just great :)
I managed to maintain for 6 months, hovering around the 12.4 mark, but in the last few months have put weight on and am now around 14.3.
I am not happy at this weight, have a family Xmas planned, most of them havent seen me since a family wedding in Feb '09 when I was at my biggest and unhappiest. I feel like a failure for putting 2 of the 4 stone back on. I am starting to look 'round' again, but I just cant seem to get past a few days of CD. What is wrong with me? I am unhappy, and look awful and really, really want to feel good for the Xmas family meet-ups. Surely that is incentive enough??
I know that if I stick to it, I could lose a stone easily by Xmas which would make a huge difference to how I feel and look.
So please, if you have any words of encouragement or advice, I would really appreciate them as I desperately want to stick to this.
Help me to get back into the right mindset please
Thanks everyone xxx
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Hi Ali
I think we have all felt like you have from time to time - I certainly have had more restarts than I care to admit, but sometimes it just clicks and it is different from all the other times. I am baffled as to why that can happen as most people's motivation and inspiration remain pretty consistent. So like you say, why can you not do it now?
From my experience the only reason why this has happened to me is maybe cos since losing it the first time, then regaining, I felt like I ought to lose it again and maybe I was subconciously rebelling against that feeling of obligation. I don't know, I'm not very good at all this soul searching malarkey but maybe as you have posted this on here something is different and you can and will do it this time. And if not this time then maybe the next, or the next....
My point is that you will do it when your brain 'lets' you and hopefuly now is the time, if not remember that other people are normally far less aware of weight gain and appearance then we think, specially family who tend to love us regardless.
I hope I haven't waffled and if I haven't been able to offer you any words of wisdom, someone on here is bound to!! Good luck xx


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Having been in exactly your situation, I think it's got something to do with the desperation factor. You see, even though you're heavier than you'd like to be, you're still not as heavy as you were. You're not quite so desperate to lose weight as you were the first time you did Cambridge. Although you're not happy with yourself, you're not as unhappy as you were the first time around - which means that what tends to happen on restarts is that you'll let yourself lose a few pounds, feel so much better again - and then fall straight back off the wagon. :sigh:

There's some stuff here in the 'Bring Your Head Inside Forum' that talks about this - it's helped me a lot. Two ticks - I'll just go and dig up a link...


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i am amazed at every time i do this diet i just do it. it's hard but i stick to it and never wavier. for me i get into the zone straight away and can feel the loss of the first week is going to be very good and it spurs me on and after the first week everything just clicks into place.

one thing that i do that really works for me is, as i've said so many times to other posters, i get boxes in my head and put the food in the house into those boxes. none of the food in the house is mine so i can't eat it. this is my coping strategy. if i took the food it would be stealing from my kids and hubby.

i keep busy, i go to the gym, i drink water like it's going out of fashion.

i always have a pint of water before my shakes, soups etc if i feel hungry the first thing i do is have a pint of water or a coffee. you could also try brushing your teeth. just anything to break your immediate need for food, which will be emotional rather than essential after the first week.

hope this all helps.
Hi everyone, thank you for your replies and advice.
Had a read of everything and listened to what you all said, and you are right 'something has just clicked'.
I have been working outside lately, long days in the cold, which hadn't helped as all you want is something hot, but now have some time at home.
Plus, spoke to my Mum about Xmas yesterday, and mentioned that I had put some weight back on. Her reply? 'Well, at least we have been warned'!? (She always has weight issues, told me 'I didnt walk like a fat girl anymore' when I last lost weight :sigh:)
But I digress, the point is, it has made something 'click'. I have stuck to SS+ so far today. Still have 1 shake to go and am counting down to Xmas. 21 days to lose as much as I can so I can hold my head up high (Silly I know, but guess its pride)
I have enough CWP for 3 days, so have made an appointment to see my very patient counsellor on Monday, and fingers crossed I can do it this time :)
Thanks again xx
Woo hoo! Go you!! Well done, keep at it - we're all cheering you on. You will feel on top of the world by xmas xxx

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